Some more folk for Boris-ing

After the orchestrated obfuscation of oberac by Labour, Michael Cullen, Maryan Street and member of the ACC board it is time to add some more names to the ever growing list of people who need to be Boris-ed.

The ACC Board Chairman Ross Wilson should be the first to go. A ex-CTU President and Labour lackey of the first order. Followed in short order by Peter Neilson, ex-Labour MP and Minister, who is also the chairman of the Labour inspired Business Council for Sustainable Development.

At the same time I’d also send a DCM to Wayne Butson, another union trough snuffler from the Rail and Maritime Transport Union.

I’d put a shot across the bows of Pip Dunphy and Sara Lunam who appear on paper to have qualifications for Board positions but also are double dipping by also being board members of NZ Post where the traitor Jim Bolger is Chairman. To have two board appointments suggests that this duo might be members of the “sisterhood” or ardent loyal lickspittles.

Let the Boris-ing commence.