Teaching your iPhone to swear

Ducking iPhonefrom BoingBoing

If you have an iPhone you may have found the auto-spellchecker more than a little annoying especially if you like to use expletives to reinforce a point when txting.

So if you want to teach your ducking iPhone to swear properly using fuck instead of duck then there is a handly little tutorial on how to teach it to accept the usual swears words.

This should help make your iPhone a little less ducking annoying.

There is another more outrageous approach as outlined at duckingiphone.com.

Of course some people, like the lefty prudes out there who compain about tits and guns being “filth”, will object to profanity. The reality is that a lot of people use the word, and it is a common frustration with the iPhone’s autocompletion.

Checkout the Twitter search for ducking iPhone before today. Objecting to the word itself is completely missing the point. (And there are other words that iPhone doesn’t know too.)




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