Too far

People often ask us at WOBH why we don’t post under our real names. Tonight IrishBill has provided a damn good answer to that question. He’s got a new creep who goes under the moniker “lprent” and he’s decided to show his chops by stalking John Key.

And when I say stalking I’m not joking – this guy has gone the whole hog by going through the women’s magazines for Key’s home and even going there with a bunch of union thugs to take a picture! Now, Key lives in a pretty distinctive house and when it’s being published on the web without his say so and commentated like this:

Just to remind you that we’ve just seen a man worth tens of millions of dollars take work rights off a whole bunch of people who earn minimum wage.

he’d be well within his rights to be concerned about his personal safety.

We’ve always known lprent is a creep but this surprises even me. I notice the last word of this post is “poster” – I can think of a better word to describe its author, hypocrite.

I can only hope these freaks get taken to the cleaners for this.