Warmenisers on back foot

The Warmeniers are on the back foot. Europe has decided to see some sense and yesterday to howls of outrage Kevin Rudd covered his own arse on the fraud that is global warming.

Meanwhile here in New Zealand other warmenisers confuse the effect of the moon with Global Warming making themselves look more than just a little bit silly in the process.

But wait, until recently being a denier meant talking furtively lest the warmist hear, now you can add your name to the list of deniers being compiled by Tim Blair at the behest of a warmist who wants to persecute us all.

“I think the deniers should put their names on a big list to be handed to future generations,” writes Smiths. “These are the people that screwed the planet.”

Very well, “Smiths”. The big list begins.

My name is now on the list. I wonder when Obama, the great “white hope”, so to speak, of the warmists will realise the error of his ways and volte-face over global warmenising.


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