Where in the world

We all love Streetview and who hasn’t yet looked for their own place?

Now there is a site that you can find out where everyone with your surname lives in the world. You can even drill down into countries and regions.

For example: Slater has frequency of 528.14 FPM (frequency per million) in the UK, 388.32 in Australia, 217.99 in Canada,  182.7 in New Zealand and 128.59 in the US.

In New Zealand the predominant areas with Slater’s are apparently South Wairapa, Westland and Waitaki.

The top forenames that go with Slater are John (Dad’s name), David, Paul, James and  Michael (the Aussie cricketer).

Very fascinating especially when I look at my Mum’s maiden name, Dalley. The top country for that surname is New Zealand with a FPM of 103.69. I doubt there are even that many.


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