Workers may walk out over spy scandal

This story is why unions fuck me off.

Maritime Union workers are considering walking off the job over the police spy scandal.

The union is one of several organisations named in emails about union actions sent by a police spy to a specialist investigation unit.

Maritime Union General Secretary Trevor Hanson says the union wants an apology and is considering seeking damages from police. He says workers will not allow their unions to be treated as criminal organisations by the State.

Mr Hanson calling for its branches to prepare for industrial action, unless they get a full apology and explanation.

Okay, let’s examine this action for its sheer stupidity.

Firstly they are going to take industrial action against their employer for something he/she had absolutely nothing to do with. If I was the employer and suffered industrial action over something unrelated to employment I would sue the union for malfeasance and loss of profits.

Secondly it will be the Union members that pay for this action by lost wages and all for want of an apology from someone completely unconnected with their employment.

Thirdly, the union bosses won’t take a hit will they, oh know, not bloody likely.

Fourthly, WTF!\

Fifthly, Just what is this goingt o achieve but the impoverishment of union members.

I think it is high time for a Unions Commission to register and monitor unions to ensure that they are fairly representing the needs and ideals of their members in a financially prudent and democtratic way.