January 2009

Sanctimonious claptrap from HoS

Editorial: For a minister, the line is thin between the private and the publicIt is probably to be expected that Prime Minister John Key would back his Social Development Minister Paula Bennett after it was revealed that a violent street gang member wa [NZ Herald Politics]

The Herald on Sunday has a sanctimonious editorial lecturing John key and Paula bennett about the fine line between being a minister and puclic interest.

That is all fine and dandy but the issue in question happened before she was a minister. They are being disingenuous with the headline and with the editorial and utterly sanctimonious in the extreme. I don’t recall them ever playing hardball with any Labour minister in this way, in fact if the truth be told they went out of their way to fawn to them and suck their spittle.

The HoS should be chasing and hounding David Cunliffe and Shae Jones about the role both of them played in the Cash for Citizenship scandal that engulfed Labour in its fina days. At least those two were Ministers when they made some decisions. No one has held them accountable yet, but tno the go chasing after Paula for something any mother worth her salt would do.

Buy John Key's cast

John Key's castJohn Key’s cast is up on Trademe now and bidding has already passed $710.00. It has been signed by John, Kevin Rudd and most of the Pacific premiers who attended the Pacific Forum meeting. I don’t think Frank Bainimarama signed it though. Laughing

The beneficiary of the winning bid will be The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ, which operates blindness prevention programmes in the Pacific. The Foundation estimates there are 5,000 blind people in the Solomon Islands, mainly needing cataract surgery. A further 15,000 will be suffering from poor vision from cataracts and the need for glasses. Five eye doctors and 20 eye nurses are required to address blindness and vision disability in the Solomon Islands. There are currently two eye doctors and 12 eye nurses working in the Solomon Islands.

The Fred Hollows Foundation is an extremely worth cause. Get in and get bidding.

I wonder though if this cast will suffer the fate of previous PM signed charity auction pieces?

Paula Bennett's two letters

Paula Bennett’s two lettersCabinet Minister Paula Bennett was yesterday forced to reveal two previously undisclosed letters she wrote to a judge and a Parole Board in support of a violent gang member living in her home. The Minister of Social Development,… [NZ Herald Politics]

Taudry rag, the Herald on Sunday, continues its baseless smears against Paula Bennett.

Yes she was a bit dumb in not revealing the letters but she actualy has done nothing wrong and is in fact setting an example where she has stepped up to the plate.

Her letters were when she was in opposition, they were written in her capacity as a mother and grandmother. Quite where the problem is is seemingly known only to the Herald on Sunday reporters. I see though that they have handed the story from the fat-arsed Rebecca Milne to Jane Phare.

I hope John Key has told Paula he expects better and there won’t be a next time.


Winston's CarPeters’ big black shopping trolleyWinston Peters’ big, black ministerial four-wheel-drive was meant to get him around the country to do his job better. But on Friday morning – nearly three months after he was ousted from Parliament – it was proving a rather useful… [NZ Herald Politics]

As is usual now for the MSM they do not credit a blog with scooping them with the story. Rebecca Milne, the fat-arsed reporter, must be an avid reader of this blog because she sent photographers round to Winston’s place after this blog had already photographed the car over several days and published the address. You would think she would have had the courtesy to at least shout me for lunch.

The Sunday-Star Times also covers the non-return of the bauble-mobile but missed that it got picked up on Friday.

Time from this blog asking why he hadn’t returned it to the car being picked up – 6 days. Photos on Thursday, car picked up Friday. Just what on earth are the fools at Minsterial Services doing that an unpaid blogger can beat them to the car in just 4 days when they have taken more than 3 months?

Both papers, however, let Ministerial Services and Winston Raymond Peters, 63, Unemployed of no fixed abode off the hook because of their indolence. Why weren’t these questions asked and answered;

  1. What date did Winston Pters make the alleged arrangements to purchase the vehicle?
  2. What date/s was he asked to hand back the vehicle?
  3. How many times was he communicated with about the vehicle and what manner of communication?
  4. What charges, if any, have been made on the fuel card between the following dates? 9 Nov 2008 – 30 No 2008, 1 Dec 2008 – 31 Dec 2008 and 1 Jan 2009 – 31 Jan 2009.
  5. When will WRP, 63, UONFA be invoiced for the fuel?
  6. Did WRP, 63, UONFA use the vehicle on his recent trip to Tauranga to wind up his campaign committee at the final meeting?

Since we can’t rely on the MSM to ask the questions,  then this blog will do so and via an OIA request.

Old Jews Telling Jokes

hat tip Boing Boing

Ain’t the internet grand, there is a niche for almost anyone. A case in point is Old Jews Telling Jokes.

What is the site about? Exactly as it says, Old Jews telling Jokes. The explain on the site;

My dad can tell a story. But he’d prefer to tell a joke.

Storytelling is a Jewish tradition.  You’ve probably seen Fiddler on the Roof.  Whenever they ask the Rabbi a question, he tugs thoughtfully on his beard and says  “let me tell you a story.” Then they sing.

Jokes are like stories, but shorter and funnier. Old jokes tend to have a stigma, but they only last if they’re good. Some of the best ones provide a window to the culture of a bygone era.  They can reveal the concerns of a generation or even the generation before.  Anxieties of coming to a new country, of prospering, of assimilating, of having families, of fearing and worrying about, well, everything. Humor was and is the ultimate anti-depressant.

My father gathered twenty of his friends to share their favorite jokes. We set three rules for the production: the joke-tellers were to be Jewish, at least sixty years of age and they were to tell their favorite joke – the one that always kills.

Here, you will find them, Old Jews Telling Jokes.

The school that Israel didn't bomb

Remember the fuss the media and jihad-enabler like Bomber made about Israel shelling a UN school. Slight problem. They didn’t nor did they kill anyone at the school. The stories were all lies as you will see below.

From Andrew Bolt.  There is too much detail to edit this story. it is also too important not to tell it.

Every Israeli operation to defend itself has one. And the “bombed school” was the ”Jenin massacre” or the ”bombed ambulance” hoax of Israel’s operation this past month in Gaza.

In early January Israel was once again accused of a horrific war crime – an allegation that ran and ran. Some examples:

From Britain’s The Independent:

Massacre of innocents as UN school is shelled

From The Australian:

THE deaths of 42 people in an Israeli attack at a UN-run school in Gaza overnight has finally forced Barack Obama to break his silence over the conflict…

From The Age:

43 Palestinians in a UN school were killed by Israeli shelling

From Iran:

The UN High Commissioner for Rights has also called for independent investigations into possible war crimes after Israel’s shelling of a UN school compound which killed 42 people

From India:

Israeli tank shells killed more than 40 Palestinians on Tuesday at a UN school where civilians had taken shelter, in carnage likely to boost international pressure on Israel to halt a Gaza offensive.

The key ingredients in this latest “proof’’ of Israeli depravity: 43 dead, school attacked, sheltering civilians massacred. Oh, and with no good cause:

The United Nations on Wednesday denied Israeli army allegations that militants were inside a school in Gaza that was hit the previous day by an Israeli strike, killing at least 42 people.

Now for the facts of that January 6 mortar shelling of the Ibn Rushd Preparatory School for Boys, run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.

Yes, the 43 people are dead, and that is a tragedy, given many were undoubtedly innocent. But the rest of the allegations? False, false and false. Yet again the media has bought anti-Israeli propaganda, as a Toronto Globe and Mail investigation has found:

Physical evidence and interviews with several eyewitnesses, including a teacher who was in the schoolyard at the time of the shelling, make it clear: While a few people were injured from shrapnel landing inside the white-and-blue-walled UNRWA compound, no one in the compound was killed. The 43 people who died in the incident were all outside, on the street, where all three mortar shells landed….

While the killing of 43 civilians on the street may itself be grounds for investigation, it falls short of the act of shooting into a schoolyard crowded with refuge-seekers….
The teacher, who refused to give his name because he said UNRWA had told the staff not to talk to the news media, was adamant: “Inside [the compound] there were 12 injured, but there were no dead.”…

Hazem Balousha, who runs an auto-body shop across the road from the UNRWA school, was down the street, just out of range of the shrapnel, when the three shells hit. He showed a reporter where they landed: one to the right of his shop, one to the left, and one right in front.

UNRWA itself now openly concedes its school was not actually shelled:

John Ging, UNRWA’s operations director in Gaza, acknowledged in an interview this week that all three Israeli mortar shells landed outside the school and that “no one was killed in the school.” … The Israelis are the ones, he said, who got everyone thinking the deaths occurred inside the school.

“Look at my statements,” he said. “I never said anyone was killed in the school. Our officials never made any such allegation.”

But the Globe and Mail recalls an earlier Ging quote:

Speaking from Shifa Hospital in Gaza City as the bodies were being brought in that night, an emotional Mr. Ging did say: “Those in the school were all families seeking refuge. … There’s nowhere safe in Gaza.”

And a World Health Organization report:

On 6 January, 42 people were killed following an attack on a UNRWA school …

And a UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs weekly report:

Israeli shelling directly hit two UNRWA schools [including this one]…

So why did Israel lob those three mortar shells into the street outside the school? As Associated Press reported at the time:

In a statement, the Israeli army said an initial investigation found that “mortar shells were fired from within the school at IDF soldiers. The force responded with mortars at the source of fire. The Hamas cynically uses civilians as human shields.” The army said two Hamas militants — Imad Abu Askar and Hasan Abu Askar — were among the dead.

Two neighborhood residents confirmed the Israeli account, saying a group of militants fired mortars from a street near the school, then fled into a crowd of people in the streets. Israel then opened fire. The residents, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they feared for their safety, said the Abu Askar brothers were known low-level Hamas militants.

“Within” is not right, of course. But it seems the real story is that 43 people, including at least two Hamas militants, were killed when Israel returned fire from Hamas mortars launched from among a crowd in the street.

You might still not like what occured. But it is very, very different to what was so widely alleged, and far more forgivable.

And after the earlier evidence of the media repeating pro-Hamas propaganda and gross exaggerations of the death toll in Gaza, especially among civilians, we need to ask again: how much can we trust the coverage of journalists and welfare groups reporting from territory run by terrorists?

Brian Gaynor takes up the cudgel against Nathans Finance

Brian Gaynor reveals some eye-opening stuff about Nathans Finance. I too can tell some stories about this bunch of nefarious pricks.

Brian though details the various money-go-rounds that existed to feed money into the grinder that was VTL Group. he also explains about their nicking of a famous name but a little bit of subterfuge.

Essentially 97% of Nathans Finance lending was to related parties and worse they also capitalised the interest on those loans as well. It looks like John Hotchin has been learning well from his brother Mark over at Hanover as they also used this dodgy technique though not to the same extent.

Two of the most notable features of the Nathans Finance receivership are the dreadful state of its loan book and an anticipated repayment to secured debenture holders of just 10c or less in the dollar.

The accompanying table shows the book value assets and liabilities of Nathans Finance on the day PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) was appointed receivers.

A finance company borrows money from the public, mainly in the form of secured debentures, and should lend it to parties that have a strong business model with the ability to pay 100 per cent of the loans back.

According to Nathans Finance’s last prospectus it had “a robust credit assessment process” and provided “loans to a broad range of commercial entities”.

These comments were made even though, according to PWC, $170.8 million or 97 per cent of its total loans of $176.1 were to related parties, mainly VTL.

Where did the $162.3 million of loans to VTL Group, other VTL Group companies, master franchisee and franchisee in the accompanying table disappear to? What were they secured against?

At least as far as Hanover Finance and Bridgecorp are concerned there is land and developments in Queenstown, Matarangi and Fiji, but there is virtually nothing left at Nathans Finance. The company’s vaults are almost empty except for the stench of foul air.

Did VTL ever make a genuine profit? Did Nathans Finance lend money to master franchisees who then used this money to pay VTL and the listed company was able to report a big profit on this money go round? What did the master franchisees obtain from VTL in return for these payments?

There is nothing in the kitty as far as VTL is concerned as it now has virtually no assets and has negative shareholders’ funds of $135.3 million.

Someone has the hooter, it is up to the SFO to find it and slam these pricks into one of Judith’s new prisons.

Typical Labour Party sense of entitlement

Waitakere Mayor Bob Harvey has a penchant for putting both feet in his mouth and making an arse of himself.

Today is no exception with him bleating to the Western Leader (isn’t that an oxymoron?) that he isn’t paid enough.

“I consider myself grossly underpaid for the work I do 24 hours, seven days a week,” he says.

“MPs get a lifetime pension when they retire, yet when I finish I won’t get a thing, even though I’ve done 16 years in local government. It’s grossly unfair.”

Oh Boo-fucking-Hoo Bob, cry me a river of tears.

Here’s a thought why don’t you ditch the mayoral chains, the job disappears in about 18 months anyway, and go find a job in the real world instead of sucking off the ratepayers tit in your ivory tower built at great expense.

Banksie must be grinning from ear to ear today. Any contender against Banksie for the Lord Mayor role seems to seems to want to spike their own guns before the get go. The Cock from Campbells, Andrew Williams (still waiting for the court date Andy) self destructed long ago, Mayor Len Brown, though competent is only a heartbeat away from a by-election, Bob just blew both feet off and is a Labour liability right now. That pretty much clears the decks of any serious contender.

Yizard is said to be contemplating standing but that’d be the hardest she has thought about anything for a while.

Video: Turkish PM Lashes Out at Israeli President Shimon Peres, Walks Off Stage

hat tip LGF

At about 39:20 into this video from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Shimon Peres launches into an impassioned defense of Israel’s actions against Hamas—provoking an angry outburst from Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who then stalks off stage as Washington Post moderator David Ignatius sputters and the audience sits stunned.

As Peres speaks, you can almost feel the hatred radiating from Erdogan.

It is well worth watching this video. Shimon Peres was very, very impressive. I’d be interested to hear Bomber rebut that.


Back off, Collins tells Goff

Two articles today in the Herald today show just how out of touch Labour had become and still is when it comes to Law and Order. It is taking Judith Collins all of her strength not to smack around some of the numpties she has inherited and you can almost hear her teeth grinding when commenting Labour’s incredibly rude and out of touch continued meddling in the Police Force.

Back off, Collins tells GoffPolice Minister Judith Collins has accused Labour of “politicising” the police by inviting Auckland regional commanders to speak to the party’s MPs at their out-of-Wellington caucus meeting. “It is incredibly important that police… [NZ Herald Politics]

Judith is right, clearly Labour got used to having the Police at their beck and call, it became increasingly very handy with all theLabour Party memebers and ministers involved in crimes to have the police become disinterested in prosecuting them. I note that Len “Megaphone” Richards still remains uncharged for his assault against a protestor outside teh Labour Party congress.

Labour needs to pull their heads in and STFU. I find it incredible that they are having a meeting of “stakeholders” to “understand” the issues in Auckland. Just WTF were they doing for nine years that they don’t know what is going on in Auckland, formerly a Labour stronghold? I can understand their frustration a little because Helen Clark relied so heavily on perhaps the laziest MP known to Auckland in living memory.

Prison pre-fabs to halve cell costs, halt ‘extravagance’Corrections Minister Judith Collins has slammed the “extravagance” of the previous Government’s prison building programme and is looking at using pre-fabricated modular units to slash construction costs by more than half. She said… [NZ Herald Politics]

Jusith Collins has again shown some innovation when it comes to Corrections and is looking at modular designs rather than the extravagent monstrosities that Labour built. I doubt a National government will be installing underfloor heating for any new prison.

I think though that the Minister could go even more modular and build a new prison out of used and leaky shipping containers.