A little birdy told me……

I saw today that DPF is asking if Peter Dunne’s one man band have paid back the money they misappropriated over 3 years ago. Of course Winston First have never paid back their nicked money and are never likely to.

While we are talking about paying or giving things back I thought I might pass on something to readers that a little birdy told me.

Now bear in mind this information is three days old so may well be out of date at time of post. I will let you make your own mind up however.

It seems that Winston Raymond Peters, 63, Unemployed of no fixed abode has not yet handed back his Ministerial Self Drive Car kindly provided by the ever patient taxpayer.

Last seen by this blogger parked up at Jan’s place, it seems to have disappeared and the former minister appears also to not be in a great hurry to either follow up repeated requests to hand it back or to deliver the car.

The solution I would have thought was very simple, either Winston Raymond Peters, 63, unemplyed of no fixed abode pays for the vehicle or the people responsible for the vehicle pool report it stolen fothwith. Given WRP, 63, UONFA’s penchant for paying for things on the “never, never, ever are you going to get cash for it” payment plan I would think a sensible course of action would be to report it stolen.

For those sharp eyed readers willing to assist in the recovery of taxpayer funded assets you are looking for a Black Ford Territory. On the rear window in the centre at the bottom is a little blue sticker with a white crown on it. I will obtain the registration number in due course and post it here as a public service.

Keep your eyes peeled and photos and location details will be happlily received.


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