A little birdy told me……

Piggy FatBumI well remember many of the stories of the changeover in 1990 and the mess left behind by exiting Labour ministers. One little story has always stuck with me and that was of ousted Ministers carting their private possessions to their new offices. One in particular was the Koro “Lying Brown” Wetere who had to make room on his trolley for the sleeping bags and portable cot. You see it seems that he liked to pocket the LAFHA (Living Away form Home Allowance) and sleep in his office thereby keeping the whole amount.

Anyway, I digress.

One story which landed in my tipoff email inbox concerns ex-Maori Affairs Minister who it seems is fond of the odd plate of oysters. he is also partial to rancid Pork Roast it seems.

You see a little birdy told me he left a sizeable portion of pork roast rotting away in his executive fridge as a little present for which ever National Minister would inhabit his office. It turns out that the minister who copped that particular smelly landmine was new Police Minister Judith Collins. I’m told in the same email that office was less than tidy.

If anyone else has useful changeover stories then you know how to get hold of me.