Annoying Video Issues

I have had a couple of loyal readers who have stuck by me despite an annoying video issue.

Apparently it only affected users of IE7 browsers. Why my loyal readers would still use IE7 by choice is beyond me…I know some are in the hands of corporate IT wankers so I can forgive them.

Anyway I think we have now resolved the issue. There were a couple of video modules conflicting and re-writing code and IE7 was being fussy about it. Every other browser handled it just fine but not the Microsoft one. It should now be fixed.

So would you please confirm in my new fandangled comments system as to whether we have fixed the issue. You should see a video of Major Avital Leibovich, the head of the International Press Branch in the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, explaining how Hamas uses Mosques in the Gaza Strip for the storage of weapons. This is yet another example of how Hamas uses the civilian population as a human shield, risking innocent lives in order to carry out acts of terrorism.


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