Back off, Collins tells Goff

Two articles today in the Herald today show just how out of touch Labour had become and still is when it comes to Law and Order. It is taking Judith Collins all of her strength not to smack around some of the numpties she has inherited and you can almost hear her teeth grinding when commenting Labour’s incredibly rude and out of touch continued meddling in the Police Force.

Back off, Collins tells GoffPolice Minister Judith Collins has accused Labour of “politicising” the police by inviting Auckland regional commanders to speak to the party’s MPs at their out-of-Wellington caucus meeting. “It is incredibly important that police… [NZ Herald Politics]

Judith is right, clearly Labour got used to having the Police at their beck and call, it became increasingly very handy with all theLabour Party memebers and ministers involved in crimes to have the police become disinterested in prosecuting them. I note that Len “Megaphone” Richards still remains uncharged for his assault against a protestor outside teh Labour Party congress.

Labour needs to pull their heads in and STFU. I find it incredible that they are having a meeting of “stakeholders” to “understand” the issues in Auckland. Just WTF were they doing for nine years that they don’t know what is going on in Auckland, formerly a Labour stronghold? I can understand their frustration a little because Helen Clark relied so heavily on perhaps the laziest MP known to Auckland in living memory.

Prison pre-fabs to halve cell costs, halt ‘extravagance’Corrections Minister Judith Collins has slammed the “extravagance” of the previous Government’s prison building programme and is looking at using pre-fabricated modular units to slash construction costs by more than half. She said… [NZ Herald Politics]

Jusith Collins has again shown some innovation when it comes to Corrections and is looking at modular designs rather than the extravagent monstrosities that Labour built. I doubt a National government will be installing underfloor heating for any new prison.

I think though that the Minister could go even more modular and build a new prison out of used and leaky shipping containers.


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