Bush and Condi throw Israel to the wolves

George W. Bush and Condoleeza Rice have betrayed Israel at the last minute and essentially thrown them to the wolves of the jihad enablers and the UN. When the US failed to veto a Security Council resolution that called for a ceasefire in Gaza Bush and Condi were complicit in abandonment of Israel to the wolves of the jihadists.

The Security Council resolution makes a mockery of Israel’s right of self-defense. In fact, it makes no mention of a right of self-defense at all. Eight thousand mortars have rained down on Israel from the Gaza Strip over a period of eight years. Israel withdrew every Israeli man, woman and child from Gaza three and a half years ago. Yet the United Nations draws an equivalence between a terrorist organization whose very modus operandi is to target civilians and a state whose aim is to protect civilians, Israeli and Palestinian. Arab states could scarcely contain their glee. The U.K. went out in front and accepted the idea of a much stronger resolution instead of a Security Council presidential statement, and Secretary of State Rice rolled over and played dead within minutes.

Every state has a right to self defense and Israel perhaps more so than any other. Formed because no-one else in the world would protect jews and formed by UN resolution it has been at war with its Muslim neighbours from the first minute of its conception. A war that Israel doesn’t want mind you, but a war they must fight lest the ravages of Nazism return through Arab hegemony and an Islamic Caliphate.