CTU become Jihad-enablers

The CTU president, failed Labour candidate, Helen Kelly has joined the Jihadist cause by issuing a missive demanding all sorts of things.

  • Revoking the credentials of the Israeli Ambassador to New Zealand.
  • Cutting contacts with Israeli military and intelligence officials outside of official UN sponsored peacekeeping or observer liaison.
  • Ensuring that New Zealand does not import goods manufactured, in whole or in part, in the Occupied Territories.
  • Ensuring that the New Zealand government does not make use of Israeli products or services in its procurement provisions.
  • Taking steps to ensure that New Zealand sourced goods and services are not used by Israel to further its occupation of Palestinian lands.
  • Ending the ‘Working Holiday Scheme’ for young Israelis.
  • Attending meetings specific to, and advocate within, international organisations for the rights of the Palestinian people.

So lets get this straight, the CTU wants to boot out the Israeli Ambassador who resides in Canberra? Good one fool.

Then they want to cut ties with Israeli military and intelligence officials. I bet we don’t even have any such ties anyway so that’s a Clayton’s Demand.

The next one is a doozy, the CTU doesn’t want us to import good manufactured in whole or in part in the Occupied Territories. I’m stumped by this one because Israel doesn’t have any Occupied Territories, they gave them all back to the Pally’s who then used them to chuck rockets and mortars at Israel. If the CTU means Gaza and the West Bank then what is their aim exactly? To hurt Palestinian businesses? That one clearly isn’t well thought out unless of course, being the jihadists they now are, they mean Isreal in total.

They also appear to want the trains to stop running in Auckland. Veolia, a French company provides extensive transport operations in Israel. So that would definately qualify as “used by Israel to further its occupation of Palestinian Lands”. Quite apart from the fact that never has been, ever, such a thing as “palestinian lands”. I wonder what the EPMU thinks of the CTU trying to stop their workers from working?

This is the best one though, Helen Kelly, a failed Labour candidate wants to kick in the guts a woking holiday scheme that Labour put in place. Bwahahahahahahaha

Oh and they want to sit around in meetings an jaw on about peace. How about the CTU issue a press release calling on the jihadists of Hamas to stop attacking Israel. It really is as simple as that. Stop launching bombs and missiles and mortars and instead start talking and I think we would find the war comes to a crunching end.