Do they think we are stupid?

Pallywood has moved into overdrive ever since the Israeli’s moved out. They are getting creative even if the videos are somewhat stupid.

Hamas is now claiming that the Gaza Zoo, which they booby-trapped, was……uhmmmm….booby-trapped and animals were tortured and shot by the mad dog Israelis.

There is a slight problem with this contention and that is that the Israelis documented by video the booby-trapping of the Zoo some time ago during Operation Cast Lead.

Duh! Talk about an own goal by the Pally propagandists.

Anyway Little Green Footballs has provided us with another fantastic video proving the lies of teh Pallywood special and this video is from their own children televisions show. I think it gives us a good idea as to who killed and tortured the animals. (Caution for cat-lovers here)



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