"I'm not a Labour activist"

Young Labour recently held a gathering of the illuminati of the party;

Over a hundred party members, activists and MPs met recently for the seventh annual Labour Party summer school.

The theme for this year’s school was Progressive past, ProgressiveFuture – and gave the Party an opportunity to come together to think,discuss, debate and reflect on the direction of the Labour Party, its future focus, and what we as a community can do better.

This wasn’t any group of numpties from the party either, it was a gathering of the powerful of the party.

Clinton Smith at Labour Party Summer SchoolFortunately WOBH sent along a spy to obtain photos and you’ll never guess who else was there, the previously self-proclaimed non-partisan broad left leaning semi-anonymous blogger Clinton Smith aka Steve Pierson sitting there enjoying the chitter-chatter of the proceedings.

Looking at the list above and the reason for the gathering this would surely be a members only conference. They sure as hell wouldn’t want to be airing any party strategy or dirty laundering to non-partisan, left leaning bloggers let alone non-affliated parties or personnel. There really is no explaining away this evidence.

So, uhmmm…..would someone please tell me again that The Standard isn’t the unofficial and funded mouthpiece of the Labour party? Someone? Anyone?

Every time they lie, they get caught. You would think they would give it up.

So let’s recap, despite many, many protestations of not being aligned with the Labour Party in any way and in fact many time going out of his way to explain how he is not a member and in fact is of the broad-left only, the official known mouthpiece for the Labour funded blog The Standard is actually a member or if not a member considered to be at least an affliate who can be trusted enough to attend their summer school and rub shoulders with Andrew Little, Michael Cullen, Jacinda Ardern and other illuminati of the Labour Party.

Is anyone going to seriously believe anything these guys say to explain this away.