Imitates, life, art. Not necessarily in that order

John Key Killing SealsThe left has been pretty hysterical in attacking National. Since Helen committed seppuku they have been unable to write anything so palsied are their thought processes. I used to joke that they accused John Key of eating babies. Now the EPMU’s Rob Egan…..err…Irish Bill is accusing him of everything short of that – including killing seals.

I guess the Christmas crazies are getting to him.

To top all that off Lyn Prentice, the guy with the girls name is joining Al Gore in betting that the very ice that the seals are sitting on in the picture at left will be gone not in five years as Al Gore predicts but in ten and he reckons that is a sure thing he would put money on.

Well this blogger will take him up on that….how much Lyn? Money, Mouth and all that crap. Yes Lyn you can comment here, I won’t ban you like you have banned me.

I was thinking we should make it a good bet, you know something worthwhile….I’m prepared to take suggestions.


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