Random Questions to round out the week

  1. Why does Bomber hate so much?
  2. Why is it ok to have a sign saying “Death to Jews” but not ok to make a film quoting the Qu’ran?
  3. Who told Darren Hughes that Gingas look good with a beard?
  4. Who knew Darren Hughes could even grow one?
  5. Doesn’t Darren Hughes know it looks stupid and breaks every natural justice law for Gingas to have beards?
  6. Which ex-MP’s mother is despairing about her daughter who just can’t seem to get a job?
  7. What on earth was she remotely qualified for anyway?
  8. Did she buy a house recently with her old boss?
  9. Why?
  10. How did the Cock from Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams get on at the recent meeting with the regions mayors and assocaited Ministers?
  11. Is it true he got poured back in his bottle?
  12. Isn’t that just a bit ironic?
  13. Shouldn’t he just STFU and slide away into ignominy?
  14. When will Judith announce her candidacy for the Lord Mayor?
  15. Hasn’t Jordan failed when he has to get other failed Labour lickspittles to co-blog?
  16. Who reads his blog anyway?
  17. Why don’t people tell the truth about tattoos?
  18. Of course it didn’t hurt a bit, do you think I’m some ort of limp-dick?
  19. What shall I get for my next one?
  20. Haven’t the Standard gone off the boil since their state funding dried up?