Sanctimonious claptrap from HoS

Editorial: For a minister, the line is thin between the private and the publicIt is probably to be expected that Prime Minister John Key would back his Social Development Minister Paula Bennett after it was revealed that a violent street gang member wa [NZ Herald Politics]

The Herald on Sunday has a sanctimonious editorial lecturing John key and Paula bennett about the fine line between being a minister and puclic interest.

That is all fine and dandy but the issue in question happened before she was a minister. They are being disingenuous with the headline and with the editorial and utterly sanctimonious in the extreme. I don’t recall them ever playing hardball with any Labour minister in this way, in fact if the truth be told they went out of their way to fawn to them and suck their spittle.

The HoS should be chasing and hounding David Cunliffe and Shae Jones about the role both of them played in the Cash for Citizenship scandal that engulfed Labour in its fina days. At least those two were Ministers when they made some decisions. No one has held them accountable yet, but tno the go chasing after Paula for something any mother worth her salt would do.


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