The Big Fakery

Much has been made in the Jihad-enabler part of the blogosphere about Israel moving people from one building to another then bombing them on purpose. Sounds terrible doesn’t it? Except if Israel were the ethnic cleansing, genocidal maniacs that Bomber et al portray them as then why bother shuttling people around simply to kill them, why not just shoot them where they are;

Hugh Fitzgerald at JihadWatch explores all the “independent” commentators, UN spokemen etc that are lined up to put a fake face on the situation in Gaza;

What we are observing is La Grande Montatura, the Big Fakery, Fakery of every sort being “mounted” in Gaza by Hamas, and aided and abetted by those Westerners who have a long record of being viciously anti-Israel. These include Mads Gilbert and another Norwegian doctor, both of whom have been on record as approving of the 9/11/2001 bombings, and have been tireless workers in the vineyard of the most extreme left-wing, and now nicely antisemitic, groups. And CNN and the egregious BBC do not tell listeners about what they are on record as having said, what their background is.

Nor do they tell us about the kind of people, the non-Arabs that is, who are involved. And almost everyone in place is an Arab working for any U.N. connected organization in Gaza, but you would hardly know this from the solemn interviews with John Ging and suchlike, who provide a facade, for the uninformed, of presumed, but in truth utterly phony, “objectivity.” Why, just a few days ago, at 9:10 a.m., on the BBC, there were broadcast the most transparently absurd charges — such as that the Israelis “deliberately” coaxed innocent civilians out of their apartments, and then “deliberately” placed them in a single building, and then “deliberately” shelled that building. Yes, how true, we have 60 years of familiarity with how the Israelis conduct war, and how they treat Arab prisoners, and of course this corresponds — doesn’t it? — to everything they have ever done. And of course we also have 60 years of noting what the Arabs do when they make war on the Jews of Israel, and the scrupulosity with which they try always to avoid causing harm to civilians, and the way they treat any Israeli, soldier or civilian, whom they take prisoner. In all this they are truly a model for how to behave, as the U.N. will be the first to tell you.

Then there is the farce over the “bombing” of the school;

Well, let’s start with the “school” business. It is as irrelevant that the building is used for a school as it is that Lee Harvey Oswald fired on Kennedy from the Texas Book Depository. What counts is that the building was not being used as a school at the time. That’s one. The second is that the Israelis did not “attack the school.” They fired near the school, at those who had fired at them. This caused secondary explosions, I gather, from within the school, and what could explain that other than the storing of weapons? And we should further note that we have been told that “women and children” were “among” the victims, but just as we were told that there were 40 dead and then, later, 30 dead, we still don’t know.

How about the United Nations, i

ncreasingly shown to be hopelessly corrupted and anti-semetic;
The other morning I listened to the BBC speaker, voice dripping with hostility and sarcasm whenever he interviewed someone willing to offer the Israeli view, deeply respectful when someone came on, with the “U.N.” label attached — a label that means, at this point, not merely not a guarantee of objectivity, but almost certainly a guarantee of the reverse: of complete bias, hiding behind the camouflage of those initials “U” and “N.” The BBC was featuring someone connected to the U.N., to some human rights part of it (it hardly matters what phony succursale it was), speaking of how the Israelis had done this, or done that, cold-bloodedly ordered people out of their apartments, and then into another building, only to then shell that building. Now a moment’s thought tells anyone, or should, just what an absurd charge this is. For if the Israelis were cold-blooded killers, they wouldn’t bother moving people from one place to another, apparently unharmed, but would just kill them where they were. And if the Israelis were cold-blooded killers, then why would they spend such an enormous effort phoning up every individual phone in Gaza? And no one denies that they have done this, not even Hamas, not even the “U.N.” Nor would they have leafletted Gaza warning civilians to leave certain areas. Why, for god’s sake, the Israelis even warned members of Hamas that their apartments would be bombed. It is known, for example, that that Hamas cleric who was killed had received the warning, but had wanted to die as a “martyr” and to take his whole family with him, and even insisted that they remain (at least one family member chose not to do so).

Doesn’t that tell us all we need to know about the efforts Israel is making to minimize civilian casualties? Hasn’t Israel always done so? Doesn’t it have a long record that we can look at, to see that that is so? Conversely, do not the Arabs have a long record of staging things, of making una montatura (a most useful Italian word), of recycling corpses? See Jeffrey Goldberg’s testimony of how he saw, on previous occasions in Gaza, Hamas people unwrapping a dead child’s body, and taking it here and there, for yet another ghoulish photo op in yet another site, in order to multiply in the public’s mind the number of victims.

Yes indeed, they are nice folk those Hamas terrorists, were it not for blogs like Little Green Footballs, JihadWatch or indeed my own blog the world view of what is happening in Gaza would be formulated by the terrorists themselves or worse the United Nations.


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