UN blames Israel for truck attack and gets it wrong

from Power Line

The UN has suspended aid shipments to Gaza after one of its trucks was attacked and the driver and occupant were killed. The UN immediately blamed the attack on the IDF and in particular on an IDF tank.

Shortly before the pause took effect, the U.N. said one of its aid trucks came under fire from a gunner on an Israeli tank, killing the driver.

U.N. spokesman Adnan Abu Hasna said the U.N. coordinated the delivery in northern Gaza with Israel, and the vehicle was marked with a U.N. flag and insignia. The Israeli army said it was investigating.

The IDF has released a statement denying its involvement in the attack and it appears now that the truck was hit by sniper fire rather than a tank shell.

It appears that Hamas is now directly attacking aid convoys and trying to get the blame attributed to the Israelis. This time it worked and failed at the same time.