A little birdy told me

I have just been informed that Chong Newsztel Media Watch read this blog every day and pass on scripts to their clients if I mention their clients. Chong’s is the biggest media monitoring company in the country and traditionally their clients have included ministerial offices, government departments, corporates and PR companies wanting to prove their worth.

Now I had a dastardly thought that maybe if I ask Chong for a client list, then if there’s anyone I don’t like on it, I could make daily mentions of them and drive them broke because as I understand it clients get charged for every clip.

I wonder if Chong monitor themselves. If I mention “Mr Chong” will this be clipped and sent to the boss.

I bet if I mention “Mayor of Newmarket” and “Cameron Brewer” he’ll get alerted. That veteran media whore is surely egotistical enough to collect clippings of himself and then send them off to his mother. So just to make sure: here goes again “Mayor of Newmarket” + “Cameron Brewer” + “Newmarket – Fashion Capital of New Zealand” + “Newmarket Business Association”.

Brewer, if your power’s on in Newmarket and Chong alert you to this broadcast, let me know.

This could be fun. How about “Dr Patrick Strange” + “Transpower”. Surely the suckers that work for that strange git will be monitoring all the crap written about him.

I just bet Bill English wastes taxpayer funds on just this sort of thing as well.



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