Bill Ralston on the Mt Albert Iceberg

The good ship Labour is heading for an iceberg of titanic proportions. Bill Ralston has blogged about Labour’s need to win and win big in the pending Mt Albert by-election but also he blogs about the Tizard problem.

That brings me to the Tizard problem. National can argue a vote for Twyford in Mt Albert is a vote to recycle Judith Tizard as list MP.

Many people dislike the idea that an MP defeated in a constituency seat can sneak back into the House on the list and may baulk at voting for Labour’s Twyford because of that.

Also, Judith Tizard has a bit of an image problem. One reason she lost Auckland Central was the perception that she did nothing. This is not entirely true and even her opponents privately say she worked hard behind the scenes but the image in the minds of many is that she was a waste of space.

A vote for Twyford is a vote for Tizard.

I’m not sure that slogan will inspire the voters of Mt Albert, especially the internet literate who blame her for the draconian Section 92(A) of the Copyright Act foul-up.

It seems Twyford has the backing of the party hierarchy and has, in some way, been anointed by St Helen to carry on her good work.

That may be a tidy solution for the party leadership but it’s a recipe for a by-election disaster.

I am so looking forward to the Mt Albert by-election.


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