Fran O'Sullivan: Implores National to break election promises

Fran O’Sullivan: Key’s focus too narrowThe Key Government’s milestone of its first 100 days is fast approaching, with little sign it has the nous to develop creative policies that will truly boost confidence. Right now Key’s policy advisers seem so focused on the rear-view… [NZ Herald Politics]

Now that the heat is on we are starting to see the true colours of people and whether they have bottle or not. Tim Watkin was decrying the Government yesterday on NewstalkZB for not spending enough and today Fran O’Sullivan is imploring the government to break its election promises. It is this kind of wooly thinking that makes me most derisive of the MSM although Tim Watkin is now playing at being a blogger.

Fran should know better. Yet she seems to be emulating all the other Chicken Littles out there claiming that the sky is falling in. Yet there is no evidence to suggest that borrowing and hoping like the leftists and Obama-philes would have us do is the answer. In fact all empirical evidence ever suggests that may well be the worst thing we could do.

Just because Rudd, Brown and Obama have all panicked does mean John Key must do so. He certainly has made millions off predicting where markets will go and so I hope he can keep a sane lid on the more chicken types in cabinet.

Still I find it hugely ironic that Fran and the leftists think that it is perfectly alright to break election promises and to call for massive borrowing to leave our descendents with the paying for our excesses now.

You don’t go and increase you borrowings in your own household budget to spend your way out a fiscal hole so why should governments.


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