Fuck you very much Labour

We should just shit can the whole mess that is now called KiwiRail.

It has finally been revealed that the incoming National Government was left the Mother Of All Landmines with KiwiRail. Another $2 billion needed for a broken down wreck of an asset. Cullen should be made a eunuch in the most painful way possible. Cullen’s folly, a bloody broken-down trainset.

The Government was advised on taking office that $2 billion needed to be spent on rail over five years.

About $1b of that can be funded from state-owned KiwiRail’s revenue.

In an overview for shareholding ministers obtained by NZPA, KiwiRail said $14b has been spent on state highways since rail was privatised in 1993.

The document detailed $2b of necessary investment as KiwiRail sees it.

It broke down to $700 million on so-called above rail assets, including locomotives, wagons and ferries, and $1.363b of investment in so-called below rail, essentially the network itself.

KiwiRail was looking for a quick decision on new locomotives because the lead time for buying them is a year.

NZPA understood about 20 new locomotives were wanted at the cost of about $60m.

It was believed to cost about $700,000 more each to build them from parts in New Zealand than to buy them in China.

Building them from parts would provide work here at a time when the Government is looking for levers to stimulate the economy. But it was faster to buy them in.

I have a better idea, don’t spend the money on new locomotives, tear the tracks up and build a dedicated truck/busway in place of it.

Only bloody socialists would invest a billion hard earned tax dollars before an election on nineteenth century technology when 15% behind in the polls.


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