Greenies copping a rightful flogging over fires

Instead of the usual claptrap being trotted out by green terrorists over climate change beng the cause of the Victorian fire catastrophe we are now seeing some sane and informed apportionment of blame.

Anyone who knows the Aussie bush knows that fire is a natural part of the lifecycle of the “Bush”. Anyone who has fought a forest fire in Australia will tell you that the Aussie bush is like nothing else on earth.

Having witnessed a bushfire up close myself I can see why fires must be allowed to occur in order to preserve the natural state of things and why it si the greenies that are going to cop the blame for the situation in Victoria.

I normally detest the unctuous Poneke but today he has got it right as does Adolf at No Minister. Adolf, i know for a fact has fought fires in the Aussie Bush and lived in the “Bush”.

The Green Terrorists are the ones h should be held accountable for lobbying for regulations requiring more trees closer to houses, for lobbying to prevent the removal/burning of undergrowth and to be held accountable for essentially murdering almost 200 Australians through their meddling.

You also know Poneke got it right because he gets attacked  by Russell Brown, another unctuous lefty twat jumps in and shows his complete ignorance of the Australian Bush and what Poneke was talking about. It is his arguments that are facile, feckless and irrational. It is often a fair and reasonable observation that whatever Russell thinks is a good idea is usually quite the opposite.

I wonder perhaps if Russell has wondered why in Northern Territory, where they practice ancient and traditional Aboriginal forest management techniques they haven’t had a wildfire in more than 50 years.

I wonder if perhaps Russell and his equally facile pal Che Tibby really understand that it was the Green lobby that “required” houses to be built with minimal removal of trees from around them, and if trees were removed to be replanted.