Hamas emails Israelis

Hamas’ military wing al-Qassam has sent out thousands of emails to israelis threatening Jihad.

 “More than 1330 of Islamist fighters had entered Palestine,” said a threatening email received by many Israelis on Thursday night. The message warned that several prominent people would be abducted and killed. “This is jihad, victory or martyrdom,” it concluded.

The message was sent in English, Arabic and Hebrew from an email account registered on Google’s Gmail service, which enables any person to open an account for free without requiring identification.

 The exact number of people who received the message is unclear at the moment. It is also unknown whether the email was only sent to Israelis or to a wider variety of people.

Many of those who received the message said it had been sent to their private email addresses which are unknown to external sources.

Surfers reported of additional message which arrived in their mailboxes on Friday morning, expanding the text included in the original message and offering them to join the organization as spies. Some of the emails included shocking images and links to YouTube videos.

The additional emails were titled “The End of Israel“, and were sent by a person calling himself “Youth of Islam” from the address i.am.hitler2099.

“The interesting thing is that I’m indeed an Israeli, but I live in New York. The email was sent to my hotmail account registered in California,” said Ron from New York.

Might I suggest that it will be matyrdom they will receive. So Israel txts people in Gaza to warn them of impending strikes so they can save lives and Hamas emails Israelis warning them of death and jihad. Yet another contrast for the leftist to try to explain.