IDF txts Palestinians to evacuate immediately

After a day of breaches of the ceasefire by Hama where more than 15 rockets were launched at Israel it appears that Israel is set to strike again at the slow learners of Hamas.

The helpfully also sent text messages to warn residents of impending strikes against Hamas tunnels and operations.

Haaretz says they were voice messages.

Palestinians in the southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah on Sunday reported receiving recorded phone messages warning those who live near weapons tunnels or storage facilities to evacuate their homes at once.

“Everybody who is near any place used for terror or weapon storage facility or tunnels, should evacuate the area immediately,” the voice message warned, according to witnesses. Similar warnings have preceded Israeli attacks, but not in all cases.

It seems that Hamas are slow learners. Tzipi Livni is threatening that if Hamas hasn’t had enough, Israel will attack again. Clearly with the constant breaches of the ceasefire by Hamas they want more, bring it on I say.