Matt Robson trying desperately to silence Wishart

Matt Robson is trying despereately through the courts to silence Ian Wishart who is investigating and has released document regarding a sham comapny that Robson is involved in.

In court documents Robson even contradicts his positions.

In his own confusing affidavit , Robson admits that New Zealand’s Serious Fraud Office compelled his company to front up with documents held in its Auckland office that were relevant to an investigation of sister company WSBC, yet Robson inexplicably then denies knowing of any criminal investigation into the transactions involving WSBC.

Robson, a former lawyer, appears to be unaware that the Serious Fraud Office investigates possible financial crimes. The details of the Serious Fraud Office notice, which Robson kindly annexed to his affidavit, reveal they concern exactly the same transactions detailed in the latest TGIF Edition, specifically a 2007 money laundering ring busted by the CIA, MI6, and the intelligence agencies of UAE and India.

Significantly, WSD admits holding records in Auckland in relation to a Kumar Trading Company, whilst a Times of India report associates Kumar Trading with “confessed” al Qa’ida money launderer Naresh Chandra Jain.

Robson’s affidavit also appears to conflict in places with that of a WSBC Cook Islands executive, adduced in the same injunction attempt against TGIF.

I’m picking Wishart wins again. Oh and Matt, I have copies of the documents and no court will silence me.


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