C&R lifetime Honourary achievement award

Dimbulb Cathy CaseyWOBH would like to award a C&R lifetime honourary achievement certificate to City Vision/Marxist Green Auckland City Councillor, Cathy Casey.

This morning, to my utter delight, I read all about how John Banks and C&R are implementing a “wage freeze” at Auckland City Council. About time and long overdue, I would have thought, given the massive blowout in staff numbers and council salaries in the Hubbard/City Vision years of bumblefuckery.

This whale is reasonably well networked into Auckland regional local government, so I picked up the phone and asked a couple of local body sorts – “Is it true?

Well, actually, the term “wage freeze” is not quite right. It turns out that the CEO of Auckland City is restraining the wage budget, and there is no new rates money available for salaries. The budget is flexible if the CEO is prepared to adjust other OPEX. But, it certainly is a restraint package that has helped to keep rates down.

Yet Cathy Casey is determined to tell the public that there is a wage freeze. Quite why she would want to tell the public this bit of good news is beyond me. All across mortgage belt Auckland, mums and dads will be applauding the common-sense fiscal restraint of C&R, so kindly promoted by one of their opponents. As they struggle to meet their bills in a recession, they will see that their council understands their concerns and is moderating their spending to ensure there is as little impact on ratepayers as possible.

Cathy Casey should be awarded a lifetime honourary achievement award from C&R. In one blatant grab at the media to whinge about the C&R budget, she did a better job of promoting C&R to the voters of Auckland than any of the C&R team could manage. Tens of thousands of dollars of advertising for C&R was achieved for free, and best of all, was gifted by one of their opponents.

The rest of the City Vision team will be crying into their skinny vanilla shot soychinos as they realise that Casey has perfected City Vision’s bumblefuckery since the last council term.

C&R = careful spending and restraining the bureaucracy
City Vision = staff blowouts and pay rises for bureaucrats

What a gift.


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