How to rip off taxpayers one lawn at a time

Barnsley Bill is a good bloke and loyal Kiwi trooper. He knows a rort when he sees one. He has discovered a rort that is potentially costing the taxpayers millions and the rort is cutting us one lawn at a time.

It turns out that this appears to have become a major scam for WINZ clients.
The major franchise group I have discussed this with have informed me that of the WINZ quotes they provide; less than 1 in 10 eventuates in the client hiring them to cut the grass.
What is happening is that they get the quote, trouser the cash and then cut the grass themselves or in the case of the town of Kaikohe.. Simply don’t bother.
Now people do not normally get written quotes for lawnmowing, they just get a price or three and hire the one they want. It is only WINZ clients that ask for quotes in writing and anecdotally they are often asking for the quote to be rewritten at a higher price.
WINZ never check that the work is being done EVER. And do not ask for more than one quote either!

I hope the Minister for Social Development gets onto this quick smart.