It was a joke

Come on, you didn’t really think I would go soft and take a government position did you? Or quit blogging? Surely you didn’t think that National would do something sensible in mt Albert like run Don Brash? There also isn’t a Dairy and Fast Food vendors association for so thre wouldn’t be any appointments there. Though I am not sure that the Worth sacking was a joke….might have to wait on that one.

Today is April Fool’s Day and boy some of you are just hysterical. THe emails and voicemails feature some very powerful and connected people who fell for it.

Plenty have pranks have been played;

  • DPF teased us all with the suggestion that Cullen was the going to be the new Governor of the Reserve Bank
  • The NZ Herald had a story about Microsoft buying Apple
  • Cameron Brewer, the nice guy from the Newmarket Business Association put out a press release calling for Auckland to go one step further and declare themselves a republic.

“We’re effecting advocating for a two-city model for the region – the Super City of Auckland and Newmarket.

The Newmarket Business Association had advised Local Government Minister and local MP Rodney Hide of its intentions. Mr Brewer has just returned from a study trip to Whangamomona – a remote Taranaki ghost town that has actively promoted its constitutional independence over the past 20 years.

  • But perhaps the best April Fool’s trick was the done by The Standard where they annouced that they were outsourcing their infrastructure offshore and paying good money to American Corporates for the hosting of their site. They even bagged local hosting companies. It surely must have been a joke because Lynne, the guy with the girls name, has pulled the post. Surely they wouldn’t abandon Kiwi workers and businesses over few paltry shekels.

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