Key offers olive branch to unions

Key offers olive branch to unionsPrime Minister John Key has offered an olive branch to the union movement, while hitting out at Labour’s new president. [Stuff Politics]


They spent a poultice of money trying to defeat him and will likely spend a poultice more, I for one would be seeking vengeance rather than peace. But that is probably why John Key is PM and I am a blogger. He is a bigger man than I would be for seeking detente with the unions.

I have a pathological hatred of unions that came about ever since Mark Gosche tried to forcibly stop me from crossing a picket line to go to work. I had a holiday job and his union decided to go on strike. I have a pathological hatred for unions since that time when Mark Gosche tried forcibly to prevent me from working and then got his union mates to write scab on my uniform, my docket book and fill my locker with shaving foam all because I wanted to work. I served customers in the uniform and with the docket book and my tips were massive that week. I also punched Mark Gosche in the face for daring to stop me going to work and pushing and shoving me.

I have a pathological hatred of Unions that I caught when I had a holiday job at L.D Nathans in Roma Road in the stores and worked for a union arsehole called Con Strongman. He knew the rules and he was an arsehole. He worked slower than a tortoise with arthritis and right on the smacker of 10:25 and 12:25 annd 2:25 and 4:25 he knocked off whatever he was doing because the rules said that you had 5 minutes to wash your hands before meals, breaks and leaving. He knocked off even when it would take just another two minutes to empty a crate…..he always threatened to lock you in the store if you didn’t leave with him. He always locked the store so the “blacks wouldn’t steal anything”…..except his whole house was decorated with stolen goods from the L.D. Nathans stores.

I hate unions and I will never be at peace with them.