Proslytizing Climate Change thru Twitter

You know how everyone hates being door-knocked by Jehovah’s Witnesses and you know that if you take a Watchtower that you are destined for monthly visits for the rest of eternity.

Well for the past week I have had the Twitter equivalent from Global Warming adherents who have taken upon themselves to try to “convert” me to their religion of snake-oil and false deities who spout inconvenient truths that are actually proven lies.

I have been bombarded from nice, well meaning but ultimately annoying adherents of this new religion proslytizing the news by sending me links to articles about “consensus”, “the science”, anything that proves their point of view.

Every time I respond with a corresponding link that disproves their “consensus”, scientific “proof” and other general proven lies. It is like trading verses of the bible against muslim adherents throwing sura from the Qu’ran.

Further the adherents of the new religion use much the same tactics as Muslim jihadists. They use terror (seas rising 100′, terror (ice floes melting), terror (Polar Bears being slaughtered) and terror (hurricanes, floods, typhoons and cyclones).

Every time I send them information it is instantly dismissed with lines like “That’s just a data point, not scientific consensus…” in response to empirical data that shows the opposite of what they believe and  “The evidence is very clear for anyone who actually wants to look at it and understand it. If 30,000 don’t, too bad.” in response to evidence of more than 30,000 scientists who aren’t in agreement with “consensus”.

Their actions are nothing better than the Jehovahs Witness or the Jihadi terrorists trying to proslytize their world view, except they use Twitter and modern technology. I however remain true in both cases to the ability to reason and to think and to question for myself.

Two things is for sure, the science is most definately not settled and there is no such thing as scientific consensus when it comes to the new religion called Climate Change.


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