Racist Unions

The underlying racism of Unions has raised its ugly head today with a call for migrant workers to be slung from jobs so lazy good for nothing unionised slobs can take their place.

Unions are urging the Government to tighten borders and companies to fire migrant workers before Kiwis, as the full force of the recession hits.

The call comes as the Australian Government announces plans to reduce migrant numbers by 14 percent and remove building and manufacturing trades from its skills-shortage list.

Manufacturing and Construction Workers Union general secretary Graeme Clarke said the union had been in contact with the Government about companies continuing to employ migrant workers.

Any businesses that had imported workers through the skills-shortage list should have to “re-prove” they could not fill the positions with Kiwi workers, he said.

“Our answer has always been `yes, you can import people’, but now we want it proved again that the shortage still exists.”

Christchurch branch secretary Phil Yarrall said the union complained to the Labour Department about jet boat manufacturer CWF Hamilton’s decision to make 28 Kiwi workers redundant while retaining 24 migrant workers on temporary contracts.

“They got the permit because there was a labour shortage. Now there’s no shortage,” he said.

Yes but I bet Hamilton Jet knows exactly who their hard workers are and who their useless workers are and the useless ones are down the road.

Unions will never understand that hard working people will always displace lazy pricks.


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