Seven Labour candidates tipped to try for Mt Albert seat

Seven Labour candidates tipped to try for Mt Albert seatA seven-way fight is brewing within Labour’s ranks for the chance to take Helen Clark’s Mt Albert seat. The Herald has learned that Labour list MP Phil Twyford has not ruled out contesting the candidacy. Mr Twyford was initially… [NZ Herald Politics]

The Herald list seven Labour candidates to replace the mendacious Helen Clark. A sorrier list of candidates couldn’t be found if they tried. Labour needs to rebuild, not select more mediocrity. It is in the N/national interest that Labour has strong candidates, they need their “Don Brash”, they need someone strong not this bunch of limp-wristed ne’er-do-wells.

Phil Twyford – Helen’s chosen heir but saddled with the unfortunate T-squared dilemma. Vote Twyford get Tizard.

Louisa Wall – ex-netball player, lesbian and so out of favour with almost every faction in the Labour Party she has almost zero chance of selection

Hamish McCracken – the entirely forgettable punching bag of the North Shore. An economics lecturer, surely we have learned from the last one we had. Plus he used to work for the EPMU. He must have been tits at it because those jobs are usually jobs for life.

Helen White  – is another former EPMU worker and a bloody lawyer. We need more lawyers in parliament like I need cancer.

Glenda Fryer – I know some billboard owners that would love Glenda Fryer to stand. She, reportedly, is demanding the selection. A busy-body of the highest standing.

Conor Roberts – By all accounts he is supposed to be a good bloke for a pinko but he sure as hell isn’t a “Don Brash”.

Meg Bates – a loyal lickspittle from Helen Clark’s Mt Albert office, she will do what Helen says and Helen says it is Phil.

Losers to the last, National must be licking their lips in anticipation.


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