Tizard time-bomb ticking under Mt Albert

Tizard time-bomb ticking under Mt AlbertLabour’s “Tizard dilemma” is not going to resolve itself, with Judith Tizard hanging on to the ticket that will get her back to Parliament. The cause of the problem is the Mt Albert byelection: if list MP Phil Twyford wins the… [NZ Herald Politics]

Patrick Gower exposes the upgrading of the Tizard Dilemma to a Time Bomb.

Unfortunately for Labour Tizard hasn’t really helped the situation with her comments to Patrick.Ms Tizard said Labour would be silly to buy into the “Tizard dilemma” and try and keep her out.

“If there is not a place for a 53-year-old woman who has been in elected positions for 26 of her 31 years, I guess I would want to know what the problem was.”

Ms Tizard said she had not yet been approached to stand aside, nor had she gone to the party to ask if there was a problem.

She said she was enjoying life outside Parliament and was astonished at the “craziness” of speculation about her possible return.

“I am gardening, I am spending time with my friends and family. I am reading, I am writing. I have just gone and bought a lampshade. I have a life.”

Riiiiight, So The Tiz thinks that the demographic for Barren Old Biddies with no work experience is under represented. She just can’t stop telling lies though, as if she has any friends, no one believes that, even The Standard is openly mocking her.