We'll stick with ACT: Key

We’ll stick with ACT: KeyPrime Minister John Key says National will not fall out with ACT despite a blistering attack on the Government’s handling of the economic downturn by ACT MP Roger Douglas. [Stuff Politics]

This is really spam journalism with Stuff beating up a speech by Sir Roger Douglas where he labels the Cycleway project a path to poverty. In many ways Sir Roger is right but that would be if this was the only intiative to combat the recession.

However John Key has scotched any beatup of a bust-up over the comments. It is of course silly for journalists to make a big deal over this. We have moved on from the days of the dictator Clark where everyone had to tow the metaphotical party line even coalition and support partners.

We on the Centre-Right are far more grown up about people’s opinions and can happily work with all sorts brushing off bad in favour of the good. Journalists though are far too conditioned to the previous adminsitrations dogma and rules.