Corpse Cut to fit Coffin

The rumours have been around since this chap died in 2004 that the undertaker had cut off his legs to fit him in the coffin.

Turns out the rumours were true.

James Hines was a giant – a 2-meter, 136-kilogram preacher and funk musician so big that after he died in 2004, a macabre rumour began circulating in this small town that the undertaker had to cut off his legs to fit him in the coffin.

This week, after years of whispers, Hines’ body was exhumed, and the gruesome story appeared to be all too true.

The coroner’s office said only that it had found “undesirable evidence,” and a criminal investigation has been opened. But Hines’ widow said investigators told her that his legs had been cut off between the ankle and calf, and his feet had been placed inside the casket.

Couldn’t he have  bent him a bit in the middle or the knees or something. The coffin must have been quite a bit too short fro the drastic measure of sawing his legs off.