Labour polling heavily in Mt Albert

Labour Party multi-national pollsters UMR have been heavily polling in Mount Albert.

Last week, they ran a simple poll. National voters were amused that when they said that they had voted for the National candidate at the the last election – the call was teminated. I guess they aren’t expecting to pick up any votes off National.

This weekend’s poll had more issues questions. They questioned the voters on their throughts about the return of Judith Tizard. They also asked about the SH20 extention – the famous motorway for which Helen Clark famously said it would go through her electorate “over her dead body”.

The really interesting thing is not the questions – it is why they are so extensively polling in the first place? This is one of Labour’s safest seats. There are no candidates and there is no election date set.

The only conclusion is that last week’s numbers were so troubling that they needed to find out where the problem was and what issues they could run on to turn it around.