Time for the axe John, time for the axe

Chop Bill's head offJohn Key has a problem. His caucus do not fear him. He needs to solve this problem by wielding the axe.

First neck on the block should be Richard Worth. He is an embarrassment. His lack of judgement keeps compounding and when the media start sniffing around product endorsments from Korean companies then the shit will really hit the proverbial.

The Second neck on the block must be Bill English. He is constantly sniping and undermining John Key. Today was no exception. On Q+A his answers bordered on outright rebellion. This must not be tolerated. Read from the transcript what the fool had to say on the cycleway;

GUYON: We’ve been talking about what we can afford, what are luxuries, what are sacrifices, a national cycle wave, how much are you prepared to spend on that?

BILL: Well that’s a matter of discussion between myself and the Prime Minister but what’s fascinating there is just how it’s caught the imagination of so many people, so it’s not going to be a big expenditure item, it’s not going to – the national cycle wave is not going to happen in a hurry, but if you see the examples that are in existence now they’ve been quite successful. Look again it’s a matter of keeping a balance, the government wants New Zealand to remain aspirational, to be about improving our performance, listing our profile in the world and even through a recession there is room for initiatives that are going to demonstrate that.

GUYON: Sure but 50 million dollars was the back of the envelope calculation, are you prepared to spend much more than that on this project?

BILL: Well we won’t be spending 50 million dollars on it this year or next year or the year after.

GUYON: So it’s years away this idea is it?

BILL: Oh no it’ll get started, I mean there’s any number of things that the government has undertaken to do, we made a lot of undertakings in Opposition, we will be implementing all of those, we’ll be implementing a national cycle network but it’ll start smaller and as confidence builds and the economy improves it can grow bigger.

GUYON: But you said you wouldn’t be spending 50 million on it within three years.

BILL: Well the question was are we going to spend 50 million this year – no, we’ll get started.

This is simply unacceptable. Frankly speaking, if the Prime Minister said that we should hold a National Yodelling competition the the Finance Minister should be saying that the funds have been found and allocated and that the competition will be starting on August the 4th.

Bill English answers in a completely rebellious manner. He tries hard to get away with it through his inept Dipton drawl but essesntially he is saying that he knows better than the Prime Minister. He continues that through in the wind up of the interview;

GUYON: Can I just ask you finally whether you think we’ll be out of this recession this year and quite aggressively growing out of it by early next year?

BILL: I wouldn’t want to guess, I think one of the features of this recession is that we’re unlikely to aggressively grow out of it, we won’t have the opportunity coming out of this recession to grow off the back of readily available credit, this is a recovery that’ll be based on exports and on savings. New Zealanders have a pretty poor record on savings although it’s increasing significantly now, people are saving money, that will help as we come out of the recovery, and growing the export base is a lot harder than borrowing money to go and buy flat screen TVs, so all the advice around the world is coming out of this recovery will be relatively slow.

GUYON: See that’s quite a contrast to the Prime Minister’s view which is that we will aggressively come out of this, I mean he seems a lot more optimistic, you seem a lot more gloomy.

BILL: Well look the Prime Minister has always had a very positive view about New Zealand.

GUYON: Is he wrong?

BILL: Let’s see, I certainly wouldn’t want to say he’s wrong but he’s setting a high hurdle here and it’s our job as a government to meet those expectations, that’s a feature of John Key’s leadership, I mean he is saying to me we want the policy settings that are going to get us aggressively out of here, and a big focus there for the government is replacing the jobs that have been lost, a slow recovery means it’ll take a while to get unemployment down, we want to do everything we can to get unemployment down, that’s driving the Prime Minister.

GUYON: The Finance Minister and the Prime Minister though, that’s at the core of any government, should New Zealanders be concerned that he has a very positive view about how we’re gonna come out of this and you have a very negative one?

BILL: No not at all, what we’ve got here is the elements of a plan that’s set the objectives high, the aspirations high, to replace those jobs that are lost, to make New Zealand distinctive come out of this recovery stronger and more competitive than other countries, and the need for the government, for the Cabinet to deliver the policy settings that are going to achieve that and John Key’s style of leadership within the Cabinet I think is really lifting our sights.

As far as I am concerned those final comments are bloody treason. Bill English should be sacked from his position of Finance Minister. It is clear that his aspirations for New Zealand fall well below those of the Prime Minister and again that he thinks that John Key is an idiot for having such high expectations. The man must be chopped before he contaminates the rest of causcus with his half-witted thinking.

If John Key slays these two fools and sorts out Nick Smith then he will have a caucus that will be asking how high he wants them to jump to serve New Zeland’s better interests.


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