May 2009

EFF chairman makes a Downfall remix

From Boing boing

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has taken a number of court cases against bully boy studios who are using DMCA takedown notices illegally. I am a party several of those cases after some of my videos were taken down.

EFF Board Chair Brad Templeton has made a brilliant Downfall remix. The video is interesting not just for being funny, but also for the troubles Brad had creating it. In order to avoid any DMCA violations, he had to make it without circumventing encryption, which naturally led to multiple headaches.


Twitter for Idiots – Guide for Labour MPs

Don’t get Twitter? Are you a Labour MP that doesn’t get Twitter? Watch this nifty little video from @CommonCraft.



Port unrest

The Container Terminals at Fergusson and Bledisloe will strike this Friday, this story has been percolating along largely behind the scenes. That is all set to change this week.

Behind the pressures is the desire of the Port Company to make labour reforms, and alter work practices at the behest of the left controlled ARC. What has not been reported on is the weak financial position Ports of Auckland is in.

When the company was privatised, and taken within the Auckland Regional Council (Auckland Regional Holdings) the balance sheet was healthy. Since then the company has “purchased” the Maersk business, and been viewed as a prime funding source for the Regional Council’s social agenda in order to position favourably Mike Lee’s personal crusade to be the first Super City Mayor. These two factors have combined to put the Port Company into a difficult position. Add a recession, and the outlook is not very good. Be prepared for the Port Company to try and slug its customers in every way for anything that they do. This may come in the form of increased charges or decreased service levels, both of which are currently being experienced by Port users this blog has spoken to.

The Port Company have been very hard nosed with their trading terms and conditions, and it is obvious that they will seek to “tax” business to replace the funds sucked out to satisfy the Regional Council’s social agenda. I do not know exactly where the money has gone, but I would hazard a guess that the Regional Council has effectively been prepared to sacrifice the Port Company to build some train lines and some other “empires”.

The Port response to “tax” business by increasing charges is effectively a tax on the productive sector to fund a social agenda.

The proposed merger between Tauranga and Auckland was dismissed by the Regional Council as they considered that the Auckland Port was a much better business than Tauranga, and they wanted a dominant position (presumably so that they could suck more money out?). Now the situation is visibly turned, and Tauranga (who report publicly) will show a profit of around $40,000,000 while Auckland is looking to be around $8,000,000 if they are lucky. There will have to be some rearranging of numbers to achieve that! Four years ago the position was reversed and Tauranga was lucky to break ten million. Tauranga now probably has the money to bail Auckland out of the mire.

This doesn’t even consider the debt mountain referred to in yesterdays Sunday Star:

A $105.5 million debt time bomb is putting pressure on Ports of Auckland owner Auckland Regional Holdings to inject cash into the company for the first time.

The money must be repaid by December 18, and Ports of Auckland chief financial officer Wayne Thompson told the Sunday Star-Times he is “highly confident” the debt will be refinanced in time.

Analysts and industry sources have welcomed those assurances, given the fact that the $105.5m debt has blown the Port’s current liabilities out to $131.3m, more than four times its current assets of $28.3m and, according to the textbooks at least, a position of significant technical insolvency.

There is speculation the balance sheet crisis was a factor in the departure of Ports chairman Gary Judd, forcibly dumped by ARH just over a week ago.

In the four years since it bought the Ports shares it did not already own, ARH has stripped out more than half a billion dollars from the former listed ports company, earning the investment arm of the Auckland Regional Council the sobriquets of “corporate raider” and “asset stripper”.

It could be a long cold hard winter on the Port. Watch for extreme conditions, with some cold winds and a lot of hail, not to mention wailing from the unions. One thing certain is that there will not be a lot of warm weather for industrial settlements for some time (unless they merge with Tauranga!!)

There is a real case to release the Port from its political handcuffs, and get out in the market again, and perform like a business, not a social service.

Auckland Regional Holdings has effectively neutered a very efficient organisation, and left no money for the Unions to get in wage settlements.

I wouldn’t hold much hope for the Unions in obtaining any concessions. The irony is that the left wing policies of the ARC and ARH have effectively destroyed the left wing aspirations of the Union in this case and ultimately Mike Lee’s asporations to become the Super City Mayor.

Merging with Tauranga would make so much more sense now. It could even free up a goodly portion of Auckland’s waterfront for meaningful development allowing cash to be released to build better infrastructure between Tauranga and Auckland.

Is it true?

Is it true;

That Helen Clark threatened a political repeater with outing his secret love child to his partner if coverage didn’t improve?

That Winston Raymond Peters, 64, unemployed of no fixed abode is considering standing for the Auckland Mayoralty?

That Winston Raymond Peters, 64, unemployed of no fixed abode likes living close to drug dealers?

That a self styled tough guy MP attended a S&M party in Turangi dressed as a gimp?

That Richard “Watergate” Northey is keeping a low profile just in case some affidavits get leaked?

That every time Richard “Watergate” Northey walks into a room with other councillors they all cover up their papers?


Some troughing MPs end silence over expenses

MPs end silence over expensesIn the heat of the by-election battle for Mt Albert, two MPs are taking the surprise step of breaking ranks with all their political colleagues to disclose their Parliamentary expenses. Green Party co-leader Russel Norman and Act’s… [NZ Herald Politics]

There is an old adage about politicians and being able to tell they are lying. The answer of course is that their lips are moving and today in the HoS we wee two MP’s whose lips have been moving.

There is much more troughing going on in Mt Albert than just the candidates. Labour is flying in all their MP’s with the little ginga tool spending the most time in Auckland when he is the erstwhile member for Otaki.

The media needs to be loooking very closely at ALL MP’s that are spending an awful amount of time, taxpayers money, on travelling via Mt Albert.

Of course it is very difficult to ascertain whether there is extreme troughing going on because MP’s refused to allow the OIA to apply to them. it is time it did.

Herald hatchet job misses mark

For months now both Labour and their lickspittles in CityVision including Richard “Watergate” northey have been hounding Sam Lotu-Iiga about his attendence at council meetings.

They have clearly been whispering in the ears of Herald on Sunday repeaters and so they have conducted a little survey of councillors around the region.

Strangley in their little hatchet job there is no mention of Sam Loti-Iiga. That is probably because his attendence rate is over 84%, far higher than any of the whining lefty twats who have been so nasty towards Sam because he had teh temerity to dbeat them in a fair election.

I doubt we will hear any squeaks from the left about Sam for the forseeable future lest some affadavits see the light day.

Of course they couldn’t get Sam so the HoS continued their vicious campaign of innuendo onto Christine Rankin yet again. Despite her Chairman Mike Lee praising her work level.

Bizzarely Andrew William’s, the mad mayor of North Shore, the Clown of Campbells Bay, has attacked the Herald repeater instead of simply refering on the inquiry to the appropriate level. Clearly the repeater gave him the call after 10am. Everyone knows that to et a sensible answer out of Andre Williams you need to call before 10am, or at the latest before the sun is over the yardarm.


Mt Albert Watch – Progressives dead and buried

Time of Death on ProgressivesI call time of death on The Progressives.

In Mt Albert it has been observed on numerous occasions that David “Blackwater” Shearers media minder is John pagani, former loyal lieutenant to Jim Anderton.

Spotted today sporting a fetching Labour party rosette was Matt Robson who is/was number 2 on the Progressives list.

I think that The Speaker, The Hon. Dr. Lockwood Smith needs to look at the funding of Jim Anderton as “party leader”.

I’d like to thank Matt Robson and John Pagani for proving in Mt Albert that the progressives have ceased to exist and that now we can have a fiscal saving in cutting the “leaders” budget of Jim Anderton. They have finally achieved something afer all these years.

Perhaps Jim could now confirm the rumours that he is flagging it all away.

Anarchist wins over Communist

As expected the anarchist Metiria Turei has beaten the communist Sue Bradford for the role of leader without a penis of the Greens.

The hard left is said to be aghast that Braford has missed out after bankrolling her bid. The whispers are that turei hasn’t delivered a single thing whilst in parliament and that Bradford delivered particularly on the anti-smacking bill that passe almost unanimously in parliament.

I predict ructions from within the Greens. Happy times.

Worse than Swine Flu and far more lethal

You probably think that the headline is a little over the top but it is true that a global pandemic far worse than Swine Flu in enveloping the world and the consequences are very, very lethal.

I am of course talking about Silly First Name Syndrome and loyal readers have been emailing cases to highlight the global pandemic of Silly First Name Syndrome.

Mike Tyson’s daughter has succumbed to Silly First Name Syndrome.

When I heard about the death of Mike Tyson’s four-year-old daughter, Exodus, who strangled on a treadmill cord, I got a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I have a 4 1/2 and a 2 1/2 year old, and before I learned the news, I had just made a phone call to get our treadmill put back together to be used in the basement. Now, I’m reconsidering.

This silly fool thinks it was the treadmill that killed. WRONG! it was her silly first name.

Police have stormed the Horowhenua Sailing Club to evict squatters who had lived in the club rooms for months.

But the squatters, some associated with the Nomads gang, were not phased by the trespass notices issued during Wednesday’s raid, and were outside the club house yesterday.

They said they were going to chain the gates shut at the Lake Horowhenua entrance and begin another occupation.

A woman, who did not want to be named, was outside the club rooms when police arrived on Wednesday.

“We were just surrounded by police … we were telling them to get the f*** off our land.

“They chucked everything off the top balcony.”

A power company cut off the electricity, which had been connected by the squatters.

The woman who didn’t want to be named apparently was Misty Nelson. Bad things happen to people with Silly First Names and the people around them.

It can strike in all sorts of places, including swanky hotels.

French police are searching for a British businessman after his girlfriend was found battered to death in their suite at Paris’s famous Hotel Bristol.

Ian Griffin, 39, from the London area, was said to have fled the hotel in a Porsche 911 after the naked body of his 36-year-old partner, Kinga Legg, was found in the bath.

Some in the mainstream media are also starting to notice. Veteran pinko Simon Cunliffe must have been reading this blog because he has written in the ODT about Silly First Name Syndrome. Apparently Simon Cunliffe was a Labour Government spin-doctor before joining the ODT (but from his writings, it is hard to tell that he has changed jobs).   He has a whine and food blog, as well as literary pretensions. Nevertheless he has noticed the increasing prevalence of Silly First Name Syndrome.

Just remember when your doctor informs you of the terrible toll that Swine Flu may visit upon the earth that a far more menacing illness is already killing and maiming. Also remember that it may not be you who is afflicted by Silly First Name Syndrome, but you could easily be affected by close contact with an afflicted person.

John Key uses one of my lines

Check out this.

It is John Key’s speech in reply to “Whack it on the bill” Phil Goff preposterous suggestion that New Zealand racks up almost three quarters of a trillion dollars of debt if Labour was the government.

He describes Phil Goff’s economics as “Visanomics”. Visanomics was coined on this blog back on  11/03/2009.


vi⋅sa⋅nom⋅ics     [ve-sa-no-miks]
1. The Phil Goff school of economics: “I can pay this month’s super contribution with my visa card and then pay my visa bill with my Mastercard”