Winston's pitiful stunt

Winston Raymond Peters, 64, unemployed of Herne Bay reckons his party is on the comeback trail. This is fantastic news as I would like nothing better than to focus on him for the next election.

Let’s face it Labour aren’t going anywhere so to have Winston announcing he is going to make a comeback is great.

He launched into a tirade about all sorts of things and as per usual it included race-baiting, denigration and ridicule.

He even called some of John Key’s initiatives pitiful stunts. He of course ignores his own pitiful stunts. He also ignores his party’s stolen $158,000 which has never been paid back and the constant and incessant lying to cover up all sorts of shenangins with his funding.

Yes I welcome his comeback if only for the extreme mirth it will provide us all. David and I will put these up all over the country to remind voters just exactly what Winston Raymond Peters, 64, unemployed of Herne Bay is all about.


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  • Robin Hoodie

    Winston still thinks that he is relevant.

    Oh, deep joy!

    What a wanker.

  • Monty

    As soon as it is available can you please put up the video? I too would love nothing more than Winston standing hoping he takes 4% off Labour and in the process gettign them towards that magical 20% in the 2011 election

    • thor42

      Agreed. A Winston comeback is **great** news for the Nats! It should siphon off a few percent of votes from Labour. The more that the anti-government vote is split, the better it is for the Nats.

  • I think someone should be called 'unemployed' only if they are on the unemployment benefit. Retired would be better, no he does not seem to be that (not yet eligible for super gold). Oh well, how about 'unemployed politician'.

  • blackie

    I wouldnt worry. If the news footage is anything to go by his constituency will be dead before the next election.

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