September 2009

What do the Kursk, Katrina and a Tsunami all have in common?

From Wikipedia on the Kursk

While the tragedy of the Kursk played out in the Far North, Russia’s then President Vladimir Putin, though immediately informed of the tragedy, waited for five days before he broke a holiday at a presidential resort house in subtropical Sochi on the Black Sea before commenting publicly on the loss of the pride of the Northern Fleet. A year later he said: “I probably should have returned to Moscow, but nothing would have changed. I had the same level of communication both in Sochi and in Moscow, but from a PR point of view I could have demonstrated some special eagerness to return.”

Hurricane Katrina was a PR disaster for George W. Bush. He didn’t take enough interest, left the details to FEMA who were useless and suffered as a result.

The lessons are there to be learned.  Putin was was on holiday at the Black Sea and couldn’t see why he should not stay on holiday which really hurt his reputation amongst the Russians. George W. Bush fucked up royally with Katrina, but did Bill English and Murray McCully learn the lessons that leaders need to lead?

Nope they didn’t. The first two politicians on the plane out to Samoa this afternoon were Chris “Cruising” Carter and Winnie Laban, dispatched by the Co-Leader of Labour Phil Goff.

Where the fuck were our guys? Why wasn’t Nikki Kaye, Simon Bridges, Aaron Gilmore and every other available back-bencher especially the 2008 intake all put on the bloody plane complete with gumboots and “We Care” t-shirts and some shovels and spades bloody first. Oh no….the first support Samoa gets is from bloody Labour oiks! It is shit like this that really gets my goat with National sometimes.

Bill English is acting-Prime Minister and acting is all he seems t be able to do and Murray McCully is responsible for MFat. There are two heads right there that should roll. This really should be the final straw for Bill English.

Did the Mad Mayor take his dog for a walk this morning?

I recieved the following missive from the North Shore City Council this morning;

9.20 AM
30 September 2009

The North Shore City Council is passing on advice from the Ministry of Civil Defence advising North Shore residents to keep off the beaches for the next hour.

Although the Ministry of Civil Defence is not predicting a major event in New Zealand, sensible precautions should be taken in the light of this morning’s tsunami alert.

According to information received by the Ministry, a tsunami of 1.5m was generated in Samoa as a result of a 8.3 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Samoa.

Waves can be expected to be smaller in New Zealand, estimated at 1m at the East Coast and Bay of Plenty.

Wave heights outside of these regions will be advised as soon as possible, but it is unlikely that territorial authorities will need to expect a wave of any height greater than 1m.

The Ministry advises that areas of concern in New Zealand are Northland, the Coromandel, the Bay of Plenty and the East Coast north of Gisborne.  The threat is in particular to people in small boats and on the beaches.

I was waiting for the follow up email from the Clown of Campbells Bay, the Mad Mayor of North Shore, Andrew Williams advising us all to ignore official warnings and that just so long as you took your dog on a leash and wore a lifejacket that it was perfectly alright walking the Northern beaches and that he intended to do just that despite all the advice to the contrary.

Len Brown – Prime Minister?

Len Brown now thinks he is a head of state or Prime Minister:

“We will be in contact with the heads of government there, and like other heads of state we will wait to hear how we might help.”

He also thinks hard working ratepayers in Manukau should have their properties taxed so he can turn Manukau City Council into a foreign aid agency:

Manukau Mayor Len Brown says his city is poised to offer any support that Samoa and American Samoa may need after today’s devastating tsunami.

Random Questions People should be asking about Chrisco

  1. Where in the world is Richard Bradley?
  2. How come all the documents relating to the failure of Hopscotch Finance are sealed until 20011 by court order?
  3. Isn’t that highly unusual?
  4. Is it true that Hopscotch Finance has lost $8million?
  5. Why doesn’t Richard Bradley own any shares in Chrisco anymore?
  6. Why is the ComCom and SecCom on the go slow over complaints about Chrisco and their financial stability and business practices?
  7. How come Richard Bradley’s house won’t sell and why has the asking price dropped $15million
  8. Will Chrisco agents get all of their commission come November?
  9. Why are Chrisco going to “tax” them 10% of their commission if they take it it early?
  10. Have you checked out the fine print on the prices they value the goods at? You may well be surprised come Christmas.
  11. Are these guys dodgy or what?
  12. Why have 20 people been made redundant at Chrisco and why has this been kept on the “down low”?
  13. Where is the imaginery and illegal Chrisco “Visa” Debit Card at? It’s been like months since they announced that.
  14. Why won’t Visa talk to Chrisco anymore?
  15. Why do they use inertia selling in their brochures?
  16. Why hasn’t the ComCom done anything about that either?
  17. Who is running Chrisco these days anyway?

Silly First Name Syndrome confirmed in Maori baby killing

As predicted by this blog yesterday the Maori baby killed at the weekend by it’s “care-givers” had Silly First Name Syndrome.

A 22-month-old baby who died at the weekend did not live at the house where she was first reported injured, police said yesterday.

The baby, named as Hail-Sage McClutchie of Hamilton, was reported seriously injured in a house in Studholme St, Morrinsville on Saturday.

Paramedics were called when the child stopped breathing.

Police spokesman Andrew McAlley said she did not live at the Studholme St house.

Mr McAlley would not say whether the toddler was with her parents, or whanau, when paramedics were called just after midday Saturday.

I know people are going to say to me that I should call the baby Maori, even with the surname McClutchie, but seriously since when did the newspapers start reporting on every family as whanau wen there was a death?

Has Len just endorsed Brian Tamaki as well?

Len Brown, or more to the point Conor Roberts, his Labour Party minder at the ivory towers, seems to be a bit miffed at some of the outcry over the Brown/Bradford ticket.

In his urgency to allay any fears it seems he is has now endorsed self appointed “Bishop” Brian tamaki as part of his all inclusive council offering.

I was wondering who will be next for the Brown/Bradford ticket?

Is there some children’s tv character that he could also add to the ticket?
Perhaps B1?
or one of the Wiggles?
maybe that dead elephant Kashin?

Ohhhhh I know the gay Teletubby!

Tenderwatch – Can we get a grip please?

This Tenderwatch process is getting out of hand. There are simply ridiculous Tenders being proposed. These two are for the Health Minister and the Minister of Social Development to look into.

I reckon that there is literally billions being pissed away by paper shuffling bureaucrats tendering out bullshit things that either neededn’t be done or they should be doing in the first place.

Complete and Utter waste of fricken money

Complete and Utter waste of fricken money


Travesty of Justice

Today a man suffering from Silly First Name Syndrome who killed a another man in a fit of road rage got sentenced to just 3 years prison for what the judge described as an “appalling case of what may be described as road rage.”.

Three fucking years. No-Justice Potter should be flayed. Three years. That is pathetic.

On his daughter’s third birthday, Bio O’Brien, 28, was jailed in the High Court in Auckland today for three years for the manslaughter of Jasmatbhai Patel, 78, in the Auckland suburb of Mt Albert on April 7.

After their two cars were involved in a minor collision, O’Brien dragged Mr Patel from his vehicle and attacked him.

Mr Patel fell and hit his head. He died in Auckland Hospital the next day.

This guy should really have his neck stretched.

Another Maori Baby Dead

Sue Bradford resigns, Maori are still wailing about a ‘h’ and seats on a council and still Maori are killing their children. Another Maori baby has died, I think that is two a week they are running at right now. I would almost lay a bet that the latest death is also Silly First Name Syndrome related.

The family of the Morrinsville toddler who died in hospital on Saturday night were known to Child Youth and Family.

“Although we have had no involvement with the toddler, her wider family is known to Child, Youth and Family,” said general manager Lorraine Williams.

“My condolences are with those who loved and cared for her. We will continue to work alongside the police as they complete their investigations.”

Residents near the Studholme St house in the Waikato town say they were told the toddler had brain damage when paramedics arrived on Saturday afternoon.

Police said she had serious injuries and said her death was suspicious. However, they remained cautious about labelling it a homicide.

Spokesman Andrew McAlley said there were still a number of medical tests that had to be carried out. The cause of death had not been confirmed.

Whanau still had to be contacted before the name would be released and that might not be for days.

The CYF spokeswoman makes me sick to the stomach. She offers condolences to those who loved and cared for her. Does anyone spot the major flaw in her thought processes. loved and cared for children do not die from “serious injuries” or in “suspiscious” circumstances” nor do they suffer “brain damage” miraculously before paramedics arrive.

Michael Laws was right when he wrote to those silly school children. We should start taking Maori lobby groups seriously when Maori stop killing their kids.


Oh great, an email from a trainspotter

I got this email from a trainspotter. One who clearly has never looked at the rail map of Auckland with anything except glazed over eyes and co-related that to a map with one of Auckland where people ACTUALLY live.

Trains suck. They suck at almost everything they do and every study that proves they work is based on a population 10 times the size of New Zealand and running trains on a gauge other than the orphan one we use. If my suggestion of a dedicated truckway was implemented then we could run freaking road trains.

Also, idiot, trainspotter, to get things onto a train you need, TRUCKS to get the stuff there, and TRUCKS to move it again at the other end. Why not just stick it on a TRUCK end to end.

I don’t even know what a DMU is and i suspect I wouldn’t care even if I did. Why is that tossers who don’t live in Auckland, usually tossers from Wellington or the Socialist Republic of Christchurch see fit to tell us in Auckland what is best for us. Rail most certainly isn’t, never will be, couldn’t possibly be and won’t be good for us in Auckland.

Why? Because you muddle headed ignoramus, Auckland is built on an isthmus. Everything has to go through an area at Otahuhu that is only 500m wide from the Manukau harbour to the Waitemata harbour and why the road is fricken called Portage Road there.

Unless massive tunnels and bridges are built capable of carrying both vehicles and trains thre isn’t going to be a rail solution for Auckland. You can’t even catch a train to the North Shore because some genius decided that the Harbour Bridge should take cars only and even then under-designed it.

If you want to see just how truly fucked the Auckland transport system is then use the Maxx website and plot a trip from say Howick to Henderson. That’s a real trip from my house to my in laws. I plotted the quickest: $13:50 and 2hrs and 09 minutes and the cheapest $12:70 which take 3hours 20mins.

I sure as fuck am nort paying $13:50 or even $12:70 to sit next to some rank smelling poor person for a minimum of two hours. That would cost someone  far more than that if I billed that time out. In two hours I can drive there and have an hour long meeting and drive back all for cheaper than $12:70 including the drive thru breakfast at McDonalds, which you sure as fuck won’t get on a bus or a train.

So with no respect at all shove your fucking trains.buses/public transport up your fucking arse and fix my fucking roads. even if I have to pay a toll. Better still make petrol $3:00 a litre so I can travel unhindered by poor people in barely warrant-able cars across Auckland