Back to school for Herald journo and subby

From the Herald today;

Mr Key may also get the chance to be lampooned by talkshow host David Letterman and will meet his old nemesis, Helen Clark.

Nemesis: something that a person cannot conquer, achieve, etc.: The performance test proved to be my nemesis.

So obviously this journalist and subbie are not classic scholars, or simply have not comprehended that John Key has a life time undefeated record against Auntie Helen and always will, and in fact it is fair to say that John Key is in point of fact Helen Clark’s nemesis.


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  • pdm

    And Michael Cullens.

  • Chris

    What do you expect? It's not likely any of them actually went to uni anyway. It's not like Key and Clark had a long history in politics either.

    Just more dumbfuck hackery.

  • Hurf Durf
  • Darth Labour

    Always two there are: a master… and an apprentice..

    The Sith Apprentice kills their Master
    and takes on a new Apprentice in their turn

  • "John Key has a life time undefeated record against Auntie Helen and always will"

    And hoorah to that

  • jabba

    I remember watching Key and Cullen in a debate a few years ago when Key was the Nats finance spokesperson .. Key killed him up to that point I had always thought that Cullen was good .. i never saw him in that light again.
    My respect, so far, for Key is frightening to the extent that his biggest threat is from within and that does not mean Bill english .. yet.