Tenderwatch – More wasteful spending

Forgive me if I seem stupid but isn’t SPARC supposed to be doing this. Their website says amongst other things that they;

  • invest more than $70 million each year to achieve their vision
  • Provide research, identifying and sharing good practice.
  • Invest in partners to deliver results.
  • Build the capability of our partners – systems, processes and tools.
  • Provide experts and research.
  • Provide sector training and development opportunities.

Given all that newspeak mumbo-jumbo you do have to wonder why they are asking for tenders for the following. To my mind there is $70 million we could save right there by killing this department outright.

GETS Tender Watch Notification for Friday, 18 September 2009 - camslater@gmail.com_1253314545921


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  • Seán

    Yes, I usually don't mind a bit of outsourcing – it can save money overall – but "Developing a report" seems like a core function for SPARC. If they're not doing this then what are they doing? Maybe they are just bureaucratic paper shufflers that should be canned.

  • Scanner

    Unbelievably, this organization can spend 70 mil and still not know if it has met some some of it's core objectives, bring out the axe.

  • johnbt

    I rang these clowns earlier this year to ask why they were holding training sessions in a pub. One of their PR people got very snarky as " they are very careful with taxpayer money ". Whatever.

  • mediatart

    From their plan, sorry strategic plan..

    We need to ensure that community sport and recreation providers are equipped to meet the needs of future participants. If everyone in the sector focuses on what they can do best, we will reduce inefficiencies and duplication and improve the overall performance of the sector.

    Thats right this bumpf is part of the plan called the 'playing field' which makes it all right

    But they have their eye on the big prizes too with this aim/goal/vision/mission, choose whatever

    The Black Caps, Silver Ferns and All Blacks winning world championships by 2015


    Cant be tooooo overconfident about the ABs… like in .. when was it …2011 when the RWC is HERE

  • Stopped Clock

    sparc is just another quango that has to lick the Wellington arse that feeds it taxpayers' money by supplying a steady volume of "strategic plans" and similar operationally useless bureaucrat wank documents.

    Think of it as just an unbreakable money-go-round with everyone involved taking in eachother's washing and paying themselves from a vast open cheque book.

  • Scanner

    Perhaps, in light of the current economic situation, or just because it would be very interesting, the time has come to unwrap some these well entrenched quangos that seem to live in just about every spare closet in Wellington.
    You won't have to look too far to see that most of them will be stocked with nine years worth of political suckholes, trade union rejects, and others who would stand no chance of getting a real job in a real world.
    The time has come to open some closets and give them a wee bit of a shake, bring the axe.