Why Len Brown would be a lousy Mayor

Here’s why Len Brown would make a lousy mayor of Auckland. He can’t get the rubbish collected properly – for two weeks a revolting unhygienic mess was spread all over a local park next to residential housing.

If he can’t keep his own backyard clean in Manukau, how can Waitakere or North Shore trust him to get basic things right like rubbish collection?

Maybe Len’s too busy thinking of free swimming pools, Maori Seats and how Sue Bradford could use our rates to fund unemployment benefits to care about basic council services like rubbish.

Look on the bright side though – even the rats get social housing under Len Brown!


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  • Whale, you're really pushing it with this one. A Mayor is responsible for the governance of a city. Operational matters such as the timeliness of an inorganic rubbish collection simply are not the Mayor's responsibility – Len Brown probably would not have even known about it until it hit the media.

    And an inorganic rubbish collection is by its nature not the unhygienic mess you refer to.

    At least Len Brown didn't say 2,700 council employees would lose their jobs under the supercity transition, and then be forced to backtrack on it, as your poster boy for the Mayoralty did.

    As for Sue Bradford, where did she advocate spendign rates on unemployment benefits, which if you knew anything about the Local Government Act can't be done anyway? You're making it up.

  • Nice one, Toad. And whilst we're on Wowser Banks, what about the stuff-up on bar and hostelry controls, causing a precipitate and ignominious retreat? And Mr Bhatnagar blames officials for his stuff-up, rather than taking responsibility, as he should. Mr Banks, in damage control mode, is taking responsibility himself, as he should. Compared with this, a drummed-up story about Manukau's inorganic rubbish collection is trivial stuff.

  • mediatart

    Exactly Bhatman has really struggled once he gets to sit with the big boys on the overstuffed Edwardian furniture of the mayors office.

  • Scanner

    Perhaps Super Sue and Loosemouth Len could bring in a plan where the unemployed pick up the rubbish in exchange for us continuing their dole payments, as a footnote we could ask the recipients of our dole payments to turn in a claen drugs test before we pay them, just like many of the workforce.
    This would help to precondition them for return to full time work?

  • Hurf Durf

    LOLOL, I live about five minutes away from there.

    Yeah, Len Brown is a dirty bastard. In retrospect I wish I had voted so Quax would have got in. I'm defo voting to stop him getting the supercity. I want to see delicious progressive tears again.

  • jabba

    wow, just imagine a Len Brown/Sue Bradford ticket for running the so called super city .. yehaaaa.
    I live in the Nthn part of Waiuku so will be a Super city voter so, if those 2 got in, I could move a couple of streets and be in Waikato .. fantastic, I think!!