Meet the Troughers

Classic Cactus Kate smack down tonight. It was so good it is worthy of an photoshop.

Dear David,


Once again Mr Farrar you have breached regulation 2(1)(b)(i) of the VRWC Membership Rules:

“Thou shall not fraternise with those who have helped themselves to pocketsful of taxpayers funding”.

Committee meeting to be held in private to consider your defence which can only be found at regulation 4(2)(d)(iii), stating:

Exceptions include…..”for intel purpose to advance the VRWC”

You have two working days to respond. I trust you know what a “working day” means. Given your pinko tendencies we have to make sure you don’t confuse this with last night that was a “Meet The Troughers” day.

Yours sincerely

Cactus Kate



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  • petal

    Although an ugly comparison, DPF is like Paris Hilton – albeit a political socialite.

  • pete

    You missed Janette……

  • TonyC

    Fantastic!! Bloody fantastic!

  • Just got to get him to take the "Libertarian" bit off his political views on FB!