Send them to Palmerston North

Greer McDonald wonders when it is appropriate to tell a partner that you may produce ginger kids and DPF reckons it should be akin to having a communicable disease.

I have a far better idea. We should make people who are Ginger or who potentially carry the gene to live in Palmerston North then we could fence it off and at least make the city useful for something.


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  • ernesto

    Along with you, JK and all the 'woe is me' depression sufferers who really do have a communicable disease.

    • ernesto

      Oh wait … that's not actually funny.

  • Sinner

    then we could fence it off and at least make the city useful for something

    Fence it off… then rent it to the Israeli's for open air nuke tests!! YEAH!

  • Peter Varey

    Hey Whale,
    I can't figure out why it is suddenly so cool for people (usually ugly, fat, tall, short, inadequate) to pick on redheads. All my favourites are redhead.. Julianne Moore, Scully, Jim Courier….
    But I do share your abhorrence of SFNS.. I'm a teacher and you should see the Myzticks, Kroniks, & Trojaans coming through, not to mention the olde farm favourite of regular name with rhhettroh zspellin as well. Try youtubing 'top 60 ghetto names' :) Obamaniqua, Shanaynay, … You said in jest (I think) the Greens should outlaw SFNS.. We should!! Gimme France or Japan any day- people walking away from the Mayor's office having heard "come back when you have a proper name".

  • Keith Smith

    Although you usually make sound and sensible comments…biting at all the farce that carries on in the name of political correctness…and I follow you with pretty much all of it, where do you get off crapping on the redheads? I'm not redhead, but can't figure you out on this one. As far as I'm concerned, the gaelic bloodlines brought some spine to the settlers of this country, and have never made much of a song and dance about being victims or carping about anyone visiting a "holocaust" on them as some have done, or spending taxpayers $132,000 on tour junkets with their partners….keep picking on the real moaners or the real troughers…you do a good job of keeping folk thinking about integrity in what we do. Don't stoop to quasi anti-semitism…reds can't do much about what they are born with. Leave them alone.

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  • GPT

    I have no desire to live in Palmerston North.

  • Palmy Rocks!