So what happened to Global Warming?

It’s fricken October and we have the largest snow fall in 25 years closing the Desert Road and the Napier Taupo Highway.

What happened to the myth known as Global Warming?

I could do with some global warming right now, it freezong even in Auckland.


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  • Lucy

    I dont know Whale I have been doing my best, leaving lights on, using the clothes dryer, running the car for short little stints down to the dairy, but nothing seems to help. I will just have to try harder.

  • TonyC

    Maybe Al Gore is in NZ, it seems to snow wherever he goes.

  • gravedodger

    No T C Gore-mless cant go anywhere without consuming vast amounts of carbon for travel and tons of hot air for publicity, probably leaves the climate control on at home so he will feel welcomed at one point of his trip.

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  • Brian Smaller

    Whale – I was cutting firewood this arvo and it started hailing on me down here in Lower Hutt.

  • Harpoonz

    Oh dear. Weather is not climate. The chaotic nature of weather means that you can never draw a conclusion about climate from a single data point, hot or cold. Just like one crazy blogger does not mean the entire blogosphere is full of nutters. It's a basic tenet of logic that you can't generalise from the specific, or the fallacy of insufficient sample, or 'leaping to a conclusion,' or 'hasty induction'.

    Folks – please remember this: the temperature of one place at one time is just weather, and says nothing about climate, much less climate change, much less global climate change.

    • Michaels

      Harp On your a fucktard and always have been!!
      The left very cleverly changed the wording from one thing to another as they knew cold days kept coming and warming just wasn't happenning, so please Harp On, fuck off, build a bridge and dive.

  • The Gantt Guy

    Harpoonz, please remember this: the myth of AGW/ACC is the single largest confidence trick in the history of humanity.

  • robert

    Even worse the dumb arse Nats believe their own bullshit. Now they are going to put in place another taxation system to get us all to help pay for the warming.

  • Harpoonz

    Hi Michaels. Nice to see you think "the left" are very clever… unlike you and your silly arguments.

    The concept was not "changed" to climate change. Do you have any evidence for your allegation, or are you just attempting to spread a complete and utter lie?

    Wallace Broecker was the first main scientist to use both terms — in the early 1970s. A few years later in 1979 the National Academy of Science started to use "climate changes" and "global warming" as well.

    It does NOT mean that "the world will warm OR it will cool." The vast, overwhelming weight of evidnece in peer-reviewed scientific journals says the planet is warming, and going to get warmer:

    Climate change is an overall term that _includes_ global warming and all the other changes in the climate system that will occur, such as in wind currents, rain and snow, storms, ocean currents, etc.

    The only ones who give any significance to one name over the other are those who have absolutely no idea what they're talking about.

    I see it's school holidays; perhaps that's why your Mum's allowing you to stay up late.

  • Harpoonz

    sorry about the double post — dunno how that happened; might've been confusion created by the intensedebate logon process

  • mediafart

    Global warming, global cooling, climate change, over-population, Y2K, peak oil, mineral depletion – the solution is always the same:

    Higher taxes, more regulations and more individual freedoms sacrificed to some unelected self-perpetuating crisis lobby.

  • TC

    No evidence exists to support the lie that climate change is anthropogenic.

    And as for the ‘peer reviewed science’, in the climate change industry it’s a bit like the kiddy fiddler providing a character reference for the rapist.

  • The Gantt Guy

    There are a small number of very specific groups that get hot n horny over "climate change". There is the lunatic left, who see it as a way for the state to gain more control over our lives. This, BTW, includes the *green* party. Then there are the zealots who follow the Reverend Gore (people like harpoonz, mostly). Then, and this is the largest group by far, bankers. Bankers love the idea of ETS, because it creates a new market from which they can trade and profit.

    AGW/ACC is the greatest confidence trick ever pulled.

  • Zork

    My balls are freezing, but remember the Science is settled!

    Fucking Global Warming