Now that's what I call Tech Support

hat tip The Firearms Blog

For those of us involved in technology it can be frustrating at the best of times but if you are merely a user of technology then frustration is simply an understatement.

Have a look at the post The Firearms Blog for some Tech Support on an old IBM T41 (15″ screen) the way a real man deals with troublesome computers.

3 Rounds in the screen with a .380 ACP

3 Rounds in the screen with a .380 ACP


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  • crabby

    As an IT professional I can understand this.. I had a pc that kept randomly loosing its Bios, then it would come back, then when you needed it really bad the bios would crap itself.. I launched it 15 feet onto the back lawn, attacked it with a 5 wood until it broke then shot it with the shotgun a few times…

    That PC never had any further issues :P

  • mediatart

    IBM T41 .. I had sex on my one once.

    Still have it of course … the PC not the lover.
    The disk drive still goes( made in 99) when I hook it up to my USB adaptor.
    4.32 GB … in two partitions!!